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UI rzr 170 1


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    No matter what kind of off-road vehicle you have, you want to make it look different than all the others. Having a unique

lifted mudder


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CATVOS is the name of a shop that is short for Custom ATVs of Shreveport. This is a town down in Louisiana right near the



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The ultimate 250R is a 300!



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While Dustin Nelson and Corry Weller won every 2016 Lucas Oil Off-Road SoCal Regional round in their factory-supported Yamaha YXZ1000Rs, there was a third YXZ

The Dunetech double latch doors provide safety with convenience.

Project Polaris Race Ace

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The mission was simple: build a simple yet effective Race Ace to contest the newly formed 600cc Single-Seat class in WORCS. The goal was to

Kory Ellis tests the new 10-ply Kanati Mongrels in his GBC Motorsports Desertworks Assault Industries Polaris RZR XP Turbo with Lazer Star lights, a PCI intercom, an MTX sound system, Trail Armor skid plates and Proline wrap at Moab’s Rally on the Rocks. Why test in a bare-bones stocker when you can fly in style?

PROJECT: GBC Desertworks RZR XP Turbo

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Former ATV racer and ITP QuadX champion Kory Ellis got his first ATV when he was 15, and he decided right then what he wanted


PROJECT: Rugged Radio’s Baja RZR

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North America’s desert Southwest orth America’s desert Southwest has attracted adventurers for has attracted adventurers for centuries and gear heads for centuries and gear heads

More travel, width and wheelbase make the HCR General rip in desert and dune conditions, and it’s much more fun to flick into corners. Think of it as a RZR XP with a tilt bed and 600-pound carrying capacity.

PROJECT Polaris General

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Polaris’ all-new General 1000 EPS is a huge hit with UTV Action, and we discover new aspects of its capabilities every time we drive it.


RJ Anderson’s XP1K3

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With almost 3.3 million views and counting, Mad Media’s XP1K2 has seen a widespread interest and overall success that was previously unheard of. When a

Smokey usually appears with a shovel for putting out camp fires, but this RZR can move a lot a more dirt.


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The U.S. Forest Service’s Smokey Bear advertising campaign started in 1944 to reduce forest fires on public lands, and the real Smokey Bear was found


Beau Baron’s CST/HRP RZR XP 1000 ...

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Motocross racer Beau Baron has definitely made a name has definitely made a name for himself in the West Coast UTV/ATV racing scene. He made



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We featured the HCR Racing Long-Travel Suspension (LTS) kit for the Yamaha YXZ1000R in the March issue of UTV Action magazine, but development wasn’t completed


Ken Block’s built Can-Am MaverickR...

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Performance driver and Can-Am ambassador Ken Block, of “Gymkhana” video fame, has lifted the cover off of his modified Can-Am Maverick side-by-side vehicles. Block and

When something bad happens in the dunes, it’s important that first responders have the fastest and smartest means possible to deliver aid, like this SxS Performance/PRP/Outdoor Logic/KC Hilites/Axia Alloys RZR XP Turbo Dune Patrol.

PROJECT: Dune Patrol RZR XP Turbo

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To participate in Polaris’ Facebook Show ’N’ Shine contest, we called on SxS Performance and PRP Seats to build a custom 2016 RZR XP Turbo


HCR Racing long-travel YXZ1000R build

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As we’ve reported the last few months, Yamaha has raised the UTV performance bar yet again with its pure-sport YXZ1000R. We’re stoked with its performance

When the 2014 RZR XP 1000 came out, many considered it the ultimate UTV. Brian Carle improved the ride, features and performance of his machine until it became the ultimate UTV for him.

PROJECT: Ultimate RZR XP 1000

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In the UTV world, the Polaris RZR XP 1000 is a dream machine, one of the elite liter-class vehicles with all the power most drivers