The only things that change and improve as often as UTVs are UTV tires. We got the details on 10 of the newest, most innovative tires to hit the scene and put all the information together in this guide. If you’re a UTVer, these a 10 new tires you need.


Features: The AMS M4 Evil combines a radial casing, 3/4-inch-deep tread with a dual center row and premium compound for long life and an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride. Also, it’s DOT-approved for limited road use. The M4’s truck-like tread offers superior handling on a variety of surfaces and sure traction on dirt, rocks and street. Reinforced sidewalls and a deep rim guard offer maximum performance and durability for today’s high-performance UTVs and ATVs.

Ply rating: 8

Sizes: 28×10-14, 30×10-14, 30×10-15, 32×10-15

Price: $209-$250

Contact: www.amstires.com


Features: Carlisle’s Radial Trail HD is a DOT-approved trailer tire that many UTVers will want to know about. Radial construction offers smooth, quiet operation, and the unique tread pattern promotes even wear. This tire has been tested to be highly heat-resistant. Low-rolling resistance saves fuel.

Ply rating: N/A

Sizes: ST145/12, ST175/80R13, ST185/80R13, ST/205/75R14

Price: $54-$121

Contact: www.carlislebrandtires.com


Features: Designed and tested by desert racers, the MotoVator R/T is the latest hard-pack performance tire from EFX. The MotoVator R/T is lightweight and designed for low-rolling resistance. Available in 32×9.5R-15 and 35×9.5R15, the MotoVator R/T comes in at just under 36 pounds and 45 pounds respectively.

Ply rating: 8

Sizes: 32×9.5R-15, 35×9.5R-15

Price: $269-$359

Contact: https://efxtires.com


Features: The Frontline ACP is a rugged, 10-ply-rated, all-terrain tire with deep, aggressive shoulder lugs for excellent soft-terrain traction. Twin-row, center-traction blocks and radial construction offer a smooth ride on hard-packed dirt. Deep rim guards protect wheels from damage in rocks. This tire is available in the popular 28×10-14 size and sizes up to 37 inches for 20-inch wheels.

Ply rating: 10

Sizes: 28×10-14, 33×9.5-20, 35×9.5-20, 37×9.5-20

Price: $209-$322

Contact: www.legacydistributing.com


Features: Fuel’s new Gripper T/R/K UTV tire incorporates puncture-resistant technology, which includes synthetic Aramid fiber-reinforced sidewalls that increase sidewall strength while keeping the tire light and pliable. These 10-ply DOT-approved tires are designed for aggressive drivers and racers. Fuel’s unique tread and rubber compound delivers the grip and traction needed on any trail. They’re available in 28- and 32-inch sizes for 14-inch wheels and 32- and 35-inch sizes for 15-inch wheels with prices starting at $229.95 each.

Ply rating: 10

Sizes: 28x10R-14, 32x10R-14, 32x10R-15, 35x10R-15

Price: $230–$329

Contact: www.fueloffroad.com

See UTV Action’s test on the Gripper T/R/K here: https://utvactionmag.com/product-fuel-gripper-t-r-k-tires/


The GBC Terra Master is the industry’s first UTV tire with a tread pattern that offers the benefits of two tires in one. With two distinctive sides to choose from, you can choose a tire set up for soft-to-intermediate terrain or intermediate-to-hard terrain by mounting side “A” or “B” out. The Terra Master is DOT-approved and features a lightweight, steel-belted radial carcass for a stronger core and greater wear resistance.

Ply rating: 10

Sizes: 27x9R-12, 27x11R-12, 26x10R-14, 27x9R-14, 27x10R-14, 27x11R-14, 28x10R-14, 29x10R-14, 30x10R-14, 31x10R-14, 32x10R-14, 30x10R-15, 31x10R-15, 32x10R-15, 33x10R-15,35x10R-15

Price: $191–$329

Contact: www.greenballtires.com


Features: The Tenacity XSR is ITP’s first steel-belted radial design tailored for the extreme rider/competitor. Reinforced steel belts offer outstanding puncture resistance. The new, chain-type, non-directional tread pattern is specifically designed for sure traction on desert terrain, gravel, rock and sand. This tire’s more rigid body ply construction provides crisp steering response, confidence-inspiring high-speed stability and traction on par with light truck/off-road tires.

The more affordable Tenacity XNR joins the Tenacity XSR’s 10-ply-rated construction and chain-type, non-directional tread pattern with a lighter, advanced nylon, continuous cap-belt carcass. It delivers exceptional traction, crisp handling and a very high level of puncture resistance.

Ply rating: XSR & XNR, 10

Sizes: XSR & XNR, 32x10R-15.

Price: XSR, $232; XNR, $210

Contact: www.itptires.com


Features: Obor’s new Brawler is a DOT-approved all-terrain tire. Radial construction and a specialized rubber compound provide excellent performance on hard-pack, intermediate conditions and loose soil. The Brawler’s flatter profile offers excellent traction and tread life. A unique and aggressive sidewall pattern offers excellent puncture resistance and tire appearance

Ply rating: 10

Sizes: 28x10R-14, 30x10R-14, 32x10R-14

Price: $210–$220

Contact: http://obor-tires.com


Features: Inspired by Baja light truck tires, the Mercenary is Vee Moto’s latest entry into the UTV tire market. The Mercenary is available with red-, white- or blue-striped sidewall or black with a red Vee Moto hot patch and unique Mercenary sidewall logo. This all-terrain tire is also DOT-approved.

Ply rating: 8

Sizes: 23×10.5R-12, 28x10R-14, 28x10R-15, 30x10R-14, 30x10R-15

Price: $114–$206

Contact: https://veemototires.com 


Features: The Sedona Coyote tire offers incredible traction and performance at a very affordable price. Smooth Ride technology allows this aggressive tire to ride smoothly with predictable handling and excellent tread life. Integrated side lugs add traction in deep ruts or crawling through the rocks. Tread lugs are siped for added traction and durability. A built-in rim guard adds wheel protection.

Ply rating: 6

Sizes: 25×8-12, 25×10-12, 27×9-12, 27×11-12, 28x10R-14

Price: $90–$166

Contact: www.sedonatires.com 

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