The Tusk aluminum Suicide doors are bolt-on half doors that replace the stock door nets, giving your UTV a more finished “race” look. Besides the new look, UTV doors improve safety and protect the occupants from the elements.


The lightweight yet rugged Tusk aluminum doors open suicide-style, from the front to back. They feature a secure and adjustable pin-style latch system that ensures your doors will stay shut without accidentally opening while riding. Tusk also uses a multi-adjustable dual-mounting system for extra strength. Tusk UTV doors have a unique door-net system, with safety nets that extend up about 8 inches above the door for additional protection and containment for the occupants’ shoulders, arms, hands and heads.


The Tusk door frames are precision-bent from lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum tubing. While slightly more costly, the 6061 extruded aluminum alloy is known for its higher-strength properties, toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. The door-frame design incorporates a cross-tube brace and triangulated upright, dividing the door into three panels and tremendously improving strength. The multiple door panels are made from lightweight aluminum and bolted in with button-head Allen bolts. The included upper nets are made from 1-inch nylon webbing with rubber-lined anti-slip attachment points.

The latches are positive and greatly reduce the hassles of getting in and out of the RZR, and the door frames are curved outward for more elbowroom.



We installed the Tusk doors on our Polaris RZR 570 S. They come with a well-detailed instruction sheet, but the install video on Rocky Mountain ATV’s website (www.rockymountainatvmc
) does an amazing job of laying it all out and really simplifying it. The video takes seven minutes; you could probably do the install easily without watching it, but you will have zero doubts about the install after watching it.

The installation is simple enough with one person, but can be completed with two people in about 25–30 minutes. It takes a few simple hand tools and little-to-no mechanical ability. You will need to pay special attention to the final door alignment step and the latch adjustment, but it’s really truly simple. There are two adjustment points for the door and two more for the latch. Once the install and alignment are complete, you may need to realign once more after driving if anything shifts or settles.


The Tusk aluminum Suicide doors fit the Polaris RZR 570, RZR 800, RZR 800 S and the RZR XP 900. We mounted them on a RZR 570 S, but they will mount just the same on any of these machines.


Anyone with a RZR 570, 800 or 900 will appreciate the extra protection afforded by installing these doors. Opening the doors and entering your RZR is easier than stepping over the stock nets, and once you’re inside, you will feel a whole lot safer. Whether you’re a racer or the average trail rider, aluminum half doors are a whole lot better option than the stock door nets.

The doors have an outward bend on the upper door frame to increase cabin- and elbowroom. The stock RZR side-containment bar would actually sit against our larger test rider’s arms; removing this bar and installing the Tusk doors completely fixed the issue. The one negative thing about this extra room would be that it makes your 50-inch RZR wider than 50 inches. This would only be an issue if trying to run your RZR through the spreader poles/gates at certain 50-inch-max ATV trail systems. We installed these on the wider-suspended 570 S version, so it was irrelevant, but definitely something to be aware of on a 50-inch-wide version, as there are flat doors available that won’t increase your RZR’s width.


We have used many different aftermarket doors in the past; all of them were an improvement, but many had annoying rattles or issues with the doors staying latched. Tusk’s simple pin-style latch will not unexpectedly come open while riding, and it works each and every time. The ever-annoying rattles found on some of the other doors are pretty much non-existent with these doors. The anti-rattle, self-stick rubber bumpers are simple, but they seem to work pretty well.


At $400, these doors were one of the cheapest aluminum RZR door options we could find. With budget pricing, you expect to deal with a few unforeseen issues and maybe things you wish were done differently. We assure you that is not the case with the Tusk doors. They installed easily, the latch is simple yet functional and secure, and they don’t rattle. The top nets are an added bonus that we thought we weren’t really going to like but grew to love them immediately. We have not found a single complaint with these doors and would recommend them to anyone looking for a safer more secure option than the stock nets.

CONTACT: www.rockymountainatvmc.com

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $399

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