Texplex Park hosted the eighth and final round of the 2020 $110,000 Texas UTV Race Series, and 201 entrants enjoyed great weather and racing. Each of the 13 UTV classes raced two times with the first races starting in waves and scored separately on elapsed time. Fastest qualifiers then got gate picks for the longer mains with a Crandon-style land-rush start to a split-lane first turn and rhythm section. In the final round, two Pro classes were racing for a $40,000 class championship, while second overall in points got $7,500 and third got $2,500.

Before this round, each competitor got to drop his or her worst score. For Collin Truett (Pol), that was Round 7, as he over-cooked a jump and hurt his back, missing the Pro N/A races. He entered the last round 16 points ahead of Shawn Hess (Hon), with Cody Martin (Yam) and Cross Kirchmeier (Hon) also in the hunt. In Pro Turbos, Kyle Hart led Hunter Miller by four points and Cody Miller by 25.

Recovering from three cracked vertebrae, Collin Truett let his Pro N/A heat-one wave race to the first turn, then he worked up to sixth. He mixed it up in the second heat for fifth in that race and sixth overall, which was good enough for $40,000.

To further shake things up in the last round, Texplex added a joker lane like Monster Energy Cup Supercross racing, and the longer joker lane added five seconds to the lap. Each racer had to take the joker lane once sometime during his or her main, with a transponder-sensor loop in the joker section assuring compliance. Failure to take the joker lap would result in a 40-second penalty.

Kainan Baker won his wave in Heat One and holeshot Heat Two, but he faded to fourth in the race and third overall. He ended up sixth in Pro N/A points.

WORCS Pro Production points leader Corbin Leaverton  parked his RZR Turbo for an RS1 and competed in N/A Pros, but it was Kainan Baker and AJ Payne winning the two waves of the N/A Heat One. Points contender Hess was second to Baker with Leaverton third, while Truett was a cautious sixth in his wave. With an ailing engine, Truett borrowed a friend’s RS1 for the Pro N/A main. Baker and Martin led the pack into the first turn with Leaverton in third. Martin fell prey to Kirchmeier and eventually dropped to tenth. Leaverton worked into the lead, and Kirchmeier and Hess also passed Baker, while Truett played it safe as he worked the pack. Leaverton won with a 3-1 to Hess’ 2-3 and Baker’s 1-4, but Truett clinched the championship and a $40,000 check.

Californian and WORCS 2019 Pro Stock champion Corbin Leaverton switched to the Turbo class this season, but he returned to his RS1 roots for the final Texplex round. He won the N/A 1000 Pros with a 3-1 score.

In Pro Turbo first racing, Hunter led Cody Miller into the first-wave first turn, while Hart was buried in the second-wave pack. The Miller brothers went 1-2, and Hart could only work up to fifth in his wave. This dealt Hart a horrible gate pick for the main, but he was quickest off of the line and led the Turbo Pros into the first turn, with Hunter in second. Hart  led the entire main until he took the joker lap, with Hunter  stalking him the whole time. Cody led briefly but took the joker on the last lap, letting Hart and Hunter by for a Can-Am 1-2-3. Despite winning the main, Hart’s first-race score cost him the championship and relegated him to third behind Hunter and Cody on the day. Hunter Miller took the title and $40,000 check, and Hart was one point behind Hunter – a $32,500 point.

Winning his Turbo Pro heat-one wave, Hunter Miller only had to follow Kyle Hart in the longer Heat Two to win the $40,000 title.

In non-Pro action, Rusty Pipes won both the Turbo Amateurs and Senior (45+) Turbos, and he  was the series overall champion with 12 wins and 172-point high scores in both classes. He was awarded a race cage for his Maverick X3 and a ECU race tune, in addition to $2,000 for series class wins. Rachel Cheatwood scored 5 wins on her way to the Under 1000cc championship and a $1,000 check; she scored Can-Am its fourth series championship.

Rusty Pipes was the 2020 Texas UTV Race Series overall winner, scoring the most points (172) and six wins apiece in Turbo Amateurs and Senior (45+) Turbos.

Polaris won two more titles with Boodrow Nicholson in Turbo Experts and Lacy Tewksbury in Womens, plus the RZR 570s with Brooklyn Singleton, 170 Mods with RJ Tremblay, and 170 Stock with Code St. Peter. Yamaha won two titles with Max Brill Junior winning the N/A 1000 Experts and Chad Mayo in Senior (45+) N/A 1000s, while Honda won the N/A Amateurs with Zachary Stewart.

Code St. Peter (63) was second in the last 170 Stock round ahead of Connor Power (175), and Code won the series championship. Paxton Schendel of El Cajon, California, won the race.


Turbo UTV Pros

1. Hunter Miller/C-A…1-2

2. Cody Miller/C-A…2-3

3. Kyle Hart/C-A…5-1

4. Kory Willis/C-A…1-5

5. Nick Burnham/C-A…6-4

6. Elliott Cook/Hon…4-6

7. Jordon Berza/Pol…3-8

8. Zach Beavers/C-A…6-7

9. Coby Caraway/C-A…3-10

10. William Thomas/C-A…5-9

N/A UTV Pros

1. Corbin Leaverton/Pol…3-1

2. Shawn Hess/Hon…2-3

3. Kainan Baker/Pol…1-4

4. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…4-2

5. AJ Payne/Pol…1-7

6. Collin Truett/Pol…6-5

7. Cody Martin/Yam…2-10

8. Blake Gustin/A-C…8-6

9. Cory Williams/Yam…6-8

10. Shane Paxton/Yam…4-11


Turbo Pros

1. Hunter Miller/C-A…162/4

2. Kyle Hart/C-A…161/3

3. Cody Miller/C-A…138/1

4. Nick Burnham/C-A…115

5. Jordon Berza/Pol…97

N/A 1000 Pros

1. Collin Truett/Pol…151/2

2. Shawn Hess/Hon…142

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon…136/1

4. Cody Martin/Yam…133/3

5. AJ Payne/Pol…111

6.Kainan Baker/Pol…106/1

Turbo Experts

1. Boodrow Nicholson/Pol…149/2

2. Quinn Wilson/C-A…127

3. Kyle Roach/C-A…117/2

4. Blake Helms/Pol…96

5. Jared Mear/Yam…90

6. Ben Fornier/C-A…79/2

7. Dustin Henderson//Pol…58/1

8. Ryan Tewksbury/C-A…51/1

N/A 1000 Experts

1. Max Brill Jr./Yam…142/1

2. John Gandy/Hon…134/2

3. Perry Manahay/Yam…117

4. Max Brill Jr./Yam…107/1

5. Kylar Holcomb/Yam…101/2

11. Aaron Boterf/Pol…63/1

Turbo Amateurs

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…172/6

2. Trey Thorton/C-A…119

3. Gary Nicholson/Pol…108

4. Bobby Whitney/C-A…95

6. Dominic Martinez/C-A…76/1

10. Allen Corbin/C-A…57/1

1000cc N/A Amateur

1. Zachary Stewart/Hon…143/1

2. Logan Neal/Pol…124

3. Rett Byrne/Pol…110/2

4. Lee Knowles/Pol…90

5. TJ Owens/Yam…74

16. Landon Safrit/Pol…37/1

Under 1000cc

1. Rachel Cheatwood/C-A…169/5

2. Langston Layne/Pol…132

3. Tyler Bunch/Pol…129

4. Cortney Carter/Pol…103

6. Dillon Fontenot/Pol…84/2

7. Justin Jacobs/Pol…57/1

Senior (45+) Turbos

1. Rusty Pipes/C-A…172/6

2. Bobby Whitney/C-A…135

3. Buck Jones/C-A…134

4. Trey Thorton/C-A…114/2

Senior (45+) N/A 1000s

1. Chad Mayo/Yam…137/2

2. Gerald Jones/Yam…131/1

3. Max Brill Sr./Yam…129

4. Austin Sides/Yam…114

6. Terry Deck/Yam…108/1

7. Jubal Cheatwood/C-A…99/1

11. Terry Lackey/Pol…61/2

13. Rick Sage/C-A…25/1


1. Lacy Tewksbury/Pol…80/1

2. Kendra Hoop/C-A…77/2

3. Alyanna Baker/Pol…69/1


1. Brooklyn Singleton/Pol…42

2. Jace Leach/Pol…28

3. Cole Goff/Pol…25/1

3. Paxton Schendel/Pol…25/1

170 Modified

1. RJ Tremblay/Pol…156/2

2. Callee Gaston/Pol…131

3. Cort Whitney/Pol…112

4. Brooklyn Singleton/Pol…93/3

5. Wyatt Hubanks/Pol…72/2

7. Chase Carr/Pol…25/1

170 Stock

1. Code St. Peter/Pol…158/2

2. Lincoln Smiley/Pol…139/3

3. Lennox Smiley/Pol…133

5. Tyler Hicks/Pol…116/1

14. Paxton Schendel/Pol…25/1

14. Ryder VanBeekum/Pol…25/1

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