12 Days of CanAm Christmas!

12 Can-Am presents for those who live life off-road


The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Maybe you skipped Black Friday and didn’t take advantage of those super deals on Cyber Monday, but you can still find some good deals for all those gearheads in your family. Some of these gifts will suffice as ideal stocking stuffers while others will bolt directly to that vehicle in the garage. Can-Am helps you become the giver you’ve always wanted to be, with this list of goodies for motorized family.


  1. Cell/Tablet Holder (715002874, Maverick X3 / 715004919, ATV)

This new cell/tablet holder is made for the modern adventurer who shellacked his maps under glass and uses his electronic devices to navigate the woods and wilderness, while updating his Instagram account at the first scenic overlook. MSRP: $139.99, Maverick X3 vehicles; $119.99, ATVs.

  1. Heated Accessories (Seats, Grips, Accessories)

Numb fingers suck as much as a cold bum. Thankfully Can-Am offers some great electrical add-on accessories to keep you (and your favorite passengers) toasty warm even when the wind chill dips too low. For ATVs riders, there are heated ATV hand grips and thumb throttles and heated visor outlets. For side-by-side families, Can-Am offers heated seats, grab bars and even a full defrost, heat and ventilation system. Heated accessories vary in price depending on the vehicle type and item.

  1. Cooler Box (715004778, 295100698 & 715004698)

The simple addition of a LinQ-compatible Can-Am Cooler Box can make you a hero with the kids and hungry mates. Available in 4.2 Gal. (16L) and an 8 Gal. (30 L) sizes, you can decide just how many the day’s trail ride will demand. Choose from black or white. MSRP: Starting at $279.99.

  1. Battery Charger (715005061 + 715005408)

One way to ensure your Can-Am vehicle is always at the ready to go when you are, this simple 3-Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer. It includes quick-connect cables and keeps the battery charged for your next adventure. The device — complete with float mode, auto detect, reverse hook-up protection and much more – has a microprocessor to keep things safe, precise and maintain battery life. It includes a 3 Amp battery charger, clamp adapter, DC adapter, 24″ (61 cm) fused ring leads harness with weather cap and owner’s manual. MSRP: $54.99.

  1. Can-Am jumpstarter (715005062 + 715005408) Stocking Stuffer!

Be that guy! With the portable, compact Can-Am Jumpstarter, you can save someone’s riding day, or perhaps even your own. The Jumpstarter includes IPX3 water-resistant and enclosed output ports, 4 LED battery indicators for easy read on battery charge level. It is designed to quickly start an assortment of vehicles, from powersports to 4- and 6-cylinder vehicles. With its 2.4A + 1A/5V USB ports, it also offers fast charging for USB devices. The kit includes a 300CA jump starter, SA858 smart cable clamp, MC-USB to USB charging cable, travel bag and user manual. MSRP: $114.99.

  1. USB Power Outlet kit (219400510)

Keep your phone or other electronics charged by adding a USB outlet to your Can-Am vehicle. The dual-port, plug-and-play kit recharges certain electronic devices (smartphone, MP3, heating gear, etc.) while exploring off-road. MSRP: $29.99.

  1. Can-Am ProMount plows

Reserve that snow blower for the sidewalk! It’s time to transform your Can-Am ATV or side-by-side vehicle into an “SRV” (snow removal vehicle) and be the hero of your neighborhood. Available in either heavy-duty steel or durable UHMWPE material, the ProMount plows range in sizes from 54” (137cm) to 66” (168cm) for Can-Am off-road vehicles. Once installed and mounted, these rugged plows are designed to attach/detach with ease. MSRP: Pricing varies due to plow sizes and materials and vehicle selected.

  1. Can-Am Lights

Can-Am offers an assortment of lighting options beyond the stock system. Don’t worry if your crew burned too much daylight earlier in the day, with the correct lighting system you can illuminate the night should you need to. Whether you’re plowing snow into the late evening or returning in the sand dunes after an adventurous sunset excursion, Can-Am has the lights and accessories to improve your night sight. MSRP: Pricing varies depending upon the lights, mounting and vehicle.

  1. Powerflip windshield (715002407 & 715003658) Awesome Product Alert!

There are windshields and then there are next-level windshields. The hardcoated Can-Am Powerflip windshield sets itself apart from other offerings with its electronic pistons and push-button control. This means the driver gets to determine cab air circulation, airflow and the opening space with the simple press of a button. On-the-fly adjusts are easily made to match the weather or a passenger’s needs. Refinement includes a rubber seal contour and tinted upper section. MSRP: Starting at $999.99, Maverick Trail and Maverick Sport (715003658); $1,119.99, Maverick X3 (715002407)


  1. Oil Change Kits: For the DIY’er

The perfect gift for the do-it-yourselfer in your family, this “all-in-one” oil change kit was designed to save time and money and make those at-home oil changes ultra-convenient. It includes XPS Synthetic or Synthetic Blend Oil, oil filter, O-rings and washer. Kits available for a variety of Can-Am off-road vehicles, including Outlander ATVs and the Maverick X3 and Defender side-by-side vehicles. The kit includes XPS Synthetic or Synthetic Blend Oil, oil filter, O-rings and washer. MSRP: Starting at $43.99.


  1. Can-Am DS 70: Something for the little ones

The Can-Am DS 70 will make nearly any other item under the tree feel a little less special. Ready for young riders 6 years of age and older, this youth ATV comes complete with a reliable four-stroke engine and CVT transmission with neutral for ease of use. Integrated safety features includes full floorboards, front day lights, reverse lights, built-in throttle limiter as well as youth-sized controls. Choose from three different color schemes. MSRP: Starting at only $2,349 US.

  1. Can-Am Emergency Kit (715005181) The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Experienced off-road adventurists always know to be prepared for the unexpected. That’s why the Can-Am Emergency Kit is an essential item for any off-road family. The kit includes jumper cables, air compressor, tire repair kit, ratchet tie-down, duct tape, tow strap 3,300 lb. (1,500 kg), Zip-Ties, cloth rags. MSRP: $119.99.

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