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Polaris finally dropped a new four-seater built on the updated Turbo S chassis we tested in the two-seat trim earlier this year. This vehicle stands at 72 inches wide with 168 horsepower, 32-inch tires, 25 inches of wheel travel and a price tag of $30,499.

For 2019 the Turbo S two- and four-seat models will be available in blue or red colors. They are all equipped with Fox electronically controlled shocks.
Polaris is always improving. On the four seat version of the Turbo S, they increased the brake rotor size, added full doors for all four passengers, and added high clearance lower radius rods out back.

For comparison, Can-Am kept their long-travel four-seater slightly below 30K at $29,899, while Polaris went slightly above. What you get for the extra $600 on the surface is electronically controlled Fox Podium shocks; 32-inch, eight-ply ITP tires; and full doors. Underneath you get a chassis with stronger double-shear suspension pick-up points, beefed-up A-arms, trailing arms and radius rods. What you don’t get are beadlock wheels, which come standard on the high-end Can-Ams. The updates included after the two-seat version was released are thicker brake rotors, full doors and high-clearance lower radius rods out back.

Even though the new Turbo S weighs 277 pounds more than the standard turbo four-seater, the adjustment Polaris made in clutch calibration and ECU tuning should make it just as powerful. It did just that on the two-seat version.


Displacement 925cc turbocharged twin

Horsepower 168

Claimed dry weight 1975 lb.

Tires 32X15 ITP Coyote

Length/width/height 149”/72”/76.5”


  Front Fox 2.5” w/ 25”

  Rear Fox 3.0” w/ 25”

Wheelbase 117”

Rear view Camera

Ground clearance 16”

Fuel capacity 9.5 gal

Doors Full

MSRP $30,499

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