2.5″ Sdi E-Click shocks for Can-Am Defender


From long days on the farm, to tight twisting trails, SDi E-CLIK’s electronic shock package for the Can-Am Defender makes it

easy to dial in your suspension for the terrain you’re in or load you may have in the bed, taking your Defender to the next


E-CLIK System Features $3599.99

• Verified to Fit 19-22 Can-Am Defender HD10 Limited & Lonestar Models

• Three positions for easy on the fly adjustment

o Comfort – Perfect for cruising around, comfort gives less damping for a more comfortable ride.

o Sport – For when you need to kick it up a notch. Sport increases damping performance to give you a more

composed ride at higher speeds while off-road.

o Heavy – When you’ve got a full cab and a full bed weighing things down, heavy will provide increased

damping to deal with the increased load.

• Cab mounted rocker switches allow for separate front and rear shock adjustment.

• The E-CLIK shock package also provides a lift to the Defender, lettng it ride higher in the travel.

E-CLIK Active Pro System Features $4999.99:

• The E-CLIK ECU uses 12 inputs from multiple sensors, an industry leading 250 times per second to adjust each

shock automatically based on terrain and driving conditions.

• Adjustments are made near instantly utilizing SDI’s patent pending E-Valve

• 3 Modes – Allows adjustment to the base shock setting through the controller.

o Trail – Excels in slower trail riding and rock crawling Giving a soft, comfortable ride without sacrificing body


o Desert– For when you need to turn it up a notch, Desert Mode focuses on handling, by reacting faster to

terrain and driver input, sensing rough whooped out terrain and adjusting at the precise time.

o Street – Prioritizes composure, more damping at the right times for a composed ride and excellent

feedback to the driver. More sensitive to driver inputs: braking, throttle, steering.

• The high accuracy, 8 Axis Inernal Measurement Unit is a advanced stand-alone unit, separate from the ECU circuit


• IP69K – E-CLIK utilizes rugged ECU, IMU, and sealed connectors to stand up to the harshest conditions.

• Independent Front and Rear Shock Adjustment

• Rear Load Compensation

• Real Time Displays

o Shock setting at all 4 corners.

o Vehicle Roll and Pitch

o Vehicle Speed (corrected for tire size)

• Fine Tune Like a Pro – The PRO menu also allows adjustment to the way the system reacts to every driving

condition. You’re able to Adjust:

o Pitch Sensitivity

o Roll Sensitivity

o Turn Sensitivity

o Throttle Sensitivity

o Brake Sensitivity

About the shocks:

• Our 2.5” Piggyback shocks feature a bump zone within the shock for increased compression damping at the end of

the stroke. The shock was designed with durability and performance in mind.

o 7/8ths shafts,

o Low Friction Seals and DU Piston Bushing,

o high-quality Teflon lined bearings.

• The shocks come sprung and pre-valved by SDI to offer the best performance. The springs are made using H5S.TW

and are produced by Swift in their own foundry in Japan, allowing unmatched quality control.


571 B Crane St.

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530



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