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Since we first reported on the 2021 $200,000 Texas UTV Race Series in the January 2021 issue, the series changed ownership and underwent a name change, becoming the Texas Outlaw UTV Racing Series. We reported on round five in the October 2021 issue and have been covering each round on UTVActionMag.com. We attended the double-header finale at Texplex Park in Midlothian. At the round before the double-header finale, defending Pro Turbo Champion Hunter Miller and Pro NA 1000 points leader Ronnie Anderson scored wins. So, heading into the final two rounds, Hunter closed to within 24 points of Pro Turbo leader Cody Miller, and Anderson stretched his Pro NA lead over Kainan Baker to six, 195 to 189. The $200K Outlaw series finale was epic!

The $200K Outlaw series finale was packed with action. In Saturday’s second Pro Turbo race, Cody Miller and Kyle Chaney led the land-rush start, with Cody taking the inside and Kyle going outside. Hunter would follow Cody inside and take second from Kyle on the first lap. Neither Miller made the podium on Sunday.


With 50 total points up for grabs, the Pros would be fighting for $30,000 championships, with second getting $10,000 and third getting $7000. Only two championships were locked up heading into the finale: Luke Safrit (Pol) clinched the NA 1000 Amateur $1,500 Championship bonus with four wins and four more podiums, and Code St. Peter (Pol) won the 250 Production title by a whopping 131 points with six wins (rounds 1–3 and 7–9) and two more podiums.

The Millers fought like Hatfields and McCoys for the Saturday win; here Hunter crosses under Cody, and Cody will cross under him on exit. Hunter punted Cody into trackside weeds a second later, but Cody would get him back for the win. Mom said, “They’re 35 and 34 years old, and they still haven’t changed.”



Until MidAmerica Outdoors unveiled its $210,000 2021 MAO UTV Race Series, the Texas Outlaw UTV Race Series had the richest-ever purse, up from $110,000 in 2020. For 2021, Collin Truett was defending Pro NA 1000 Champion with $40,000 to go with it, and Hunter Miller pocketed the $40,000 Pro Turbo purse and flew the #1T plate to three wins before the finale. Likewise, the series went big by scoring two races towards weekend race points at each round. Heat one was split into waves by numbers of entries and determined how racers would gate for longer second motos with land-rush starts. As in the two-wheeled Motocross of Nations, the lowest moto scores would win each class and collect 25 points. Second earned 22, third got 20, fourth got 18, fifth got 16, and then each place after fifth was worth a point.

Chase Carr gets the holeshot in his second Pro NA 1000 race, but Anderson quickly works into the lead in Myles Cheek’s 2020 Lucas Oil Championship RS1.


Besides the two Pro classes, Amateur classes included 1000 Turbo Experts, 1000 Turbo Amateurs, 1000 N/A Experts, 1000 N/A Amateurs, Below 900cc, Senior (40+) Turbos, Senior N/As, Women’s Experts, Women’s Amateurs, 570s, 1000 Absolute Stock N/A 12+ Year Olds, 250 9-12 Limited Stock, 250 5-8 Limited Stock, 250 Production, and 170 Absolute Stocks. Youth 250/170 classes were racing for sponsors’ products, while adult and Youth 570 and 1000 classes were competing for $1500 titles, with second getting $1250 and third getting $1000.

With all that on the line for the final two rounds, racers faced a long track with huge tabletop jumps, a huge bowl turn, off-camber turns and hip jumps, plus a split lane by the finish line. For the double-header weekend, all classes had a Crandon-style land-rush start and split-lane first turn.

Jordon Berza takes a wild ride over the berm and Ronnie Anderson’s hybrid Turbo S/Pro XP; Anderson would park that and race his RS1 in the last Pro Turbo round. He raced Myles Cheek’s RS1 to the Pro NA Championship, so spare UTVs will be in order for 2022 double-headers.



While double-headers are the norm in GAS and WORCS racing, Texplex would host the first-ever Outlaw UTV dual-duel, and the intensity level was almost gunfight-level. Cody and Hunter were a lock for a 1-2 in Pro Turbos, but Kory Willis (C-A) had fought to within five points of Kyle Chaney for the $7000 third-place bonus. In Pro NA 1000s, Anderson and Baker would be battling fellow Polaris athletes Myles Cheek and rookie Pro Chase Carr. Pro Turbos would face off first, then Pro NA 1000s, and Anderson, Baker, Cheek, and defending Pro NA champ Collin Truett would all do double duty.

Kainan Baker had just wrapped up the MidAmerica Outdoors Pro NA Championship and put himself in the lead in Texas Outlaw points on Saturday, but hard racing with Carr bent his radius rods and exhaust in Sunday’s last race of the 2021 season.


In the first Pro Turbo heat, Cody Miller led the first wave into the split-berm first turn ahead of Willis, Cody Taylor (C-A) and Anderson, all on the outside. Jordon Berza (Pol) bicycled on the inside line and went over the berm, flipping over and landing on Anderson, who then pulled off with crash damage. Wave two was won by Chaney, while Hunter had to battle teammate Taylor and Corbin Leaverton (Pol) to take second. In the longer second heat, Cody and Hunter swapped paint and the lead several times, but Cody led every lap at the finish line to take the win and the championship.

In Saturday’s Pro NA 1000s, Baker did what he had to do, leading every lap of both motos. Anderson kept Baker in sight the first race and finished second ahead of Truett. Baker again took the lead in moto two ahead of Robert Stout (Yam) with Ronnie working into third. Anderson overshot a berm and got high-centered, dropping to sixth in the heat and fifth for the day, which gave Baker a five-point lead for Sunday. Anderson worked the first-heat pack quickly on Sunday and took the lead from Baker with Stout third. In the longer second race, Stout took control and led every lap, and Anderson again got past Baker, who was being dogged by Carr. Kainan bent a radius rod and dropped back in the pack, while Ronnie followed Stout, knowing he didn’t need his position to take the overall and the championship.

Team Miller and Kory Willis celebrate an all-X3 podium on Saturday, and the Miller family cerebrated Cody and Hunter’s 1-2 in Pro Turbo points. Willis sat in third overnight, but Sunday was all Kyle Chaney.


Sunday’s Pro Turbos saw the intensity of Saturday take its toll on the Millers and Anderson. Cody blew his front diff early in the first heat, but he still managed to take the win while Hunter struggled to fourth. Their teammates Chaney and Taylor took first and second both races, while Cody collided with Taylor on the mid-race restart in the second moto and broke a spindle. Chaney’s lone 2021 win was good for the $7000 bonus for third-place points.

Big Tex hands Cody Miller the $30,000 Pro Turbo Championship check and trophy. Ronnie Anderson won the $30,000 Pro NA 1000 check.



Race director and owner Brian Adkinson announces the 2022 $200,000 Texas Outlaw UTV Race Series schedule, which will have 10 rounds and visit a new venue. Texplex Park in Midlothian hosts three double-header weekends in March, April and May, plus a seventh round on June 11. After a summer break, the series then hits Eagles Canyon Raceway, a road-race facility near Decatur, for a double-header October 1st and 2nd. The series ends with the SxS World Championships at Texplex on November 12th and 13th with a $30,000 Pro purse for Turbos and NA 1000s.

On December 10th, Texplex will host the SxS 12-Hour non-points race with a $50,000 purse. Go big or go home! 

Kyle Chaney gets interviewed on Sunday’s Pro Turbo podium with Cody Taylor second and Kory Willis third. Polaris won 11 championships. Can-Am won five titles, and Honda won two. See what makes Cody miller’s Can-Am so fast here: CODY MILLER AND CAN-AM WIN TEXAS OUTLAW UTV PRO TURBOS – UTV Action Magazine



Texplex Park, Midlothian, TX

Round 10:

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A 2-1

2. Hunter Miller/C-A 1-2

3. Kory Willis/C-A 2-3

4. Cody Bradbury/Pol 3-5

5. Corbin Leaverton/Pol 4-6

N/A UTV Pros

1. Kainan Baker/Pol 1-1

2. Collin Truett/Pol 3-2

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 5-3

4. Koen Crawford/Yam 4-4

5. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 2-6

Round 11

Turbo UTV Pros

1. Kyle Chaney/C-A 1-1

2. Cody Taylor/C-A 2-2

3. Kory Willis/C-A 2-4

4. Hunter Miller/C-A 4-3

5. Cody Miller/C-A 1-7

N/A UTV Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 1-2

2. Robert Stout/Yam 3-1

3. Chase Carr/Pol 4-3

4. Kainan Baker/Pol 2-7

5. Collin Truett/Pol 7-4


Turbo UTV Pros

1. Cody Miller/C-A 252/6

2. Hunter Miller/C-A 237/3

3. Kyle Chaney/C-A 191/1

4. Kory Willis/C-A 187

5. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 151/1

N/A 1000 Pros

1. Ronnie Anderson/Pol 236/4

2. Kainan Baker/Pol 232/5

3. Cross Kirchmeier/Hon 204/1

4. Collin Truett/Pol 179/1

5. Shawn Hess/Hon 175


1. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

2. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

3. Midlothian, TX PT H. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

4. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

5. Midlothian, TX PT H. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

6. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A, PS C.


7. Midlothian, TX PT R. Anderson/Pol, PS K. Baker/Pol

8. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A, PS C. Truett/Pol

9. Midlothian, TX PT H. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

10. Midlothian, TX PT C. Miller/C-A, PS K. Baker/Pol

11. Midlothian, TX PT K. Chaney/C-A, PS R.


Champions PT C. Miller/C-A, PS R. Anderson/Pol

Contact www.outlawseries.com


Expert Turbo Manny Esquivel/C-A, 209/3

Expert NA 1000 Chase Carr/Pol, 223/7

Vet 40+ Turbo Rusty Pipes/C-A, 234/6

Vet 40+ NA 1000 Terry Lackey/Pol, 238/9

Women’s Experts Alyanna Baker/Pol, 244/8

Women’s Amateurs Tori Nicholson/Pol, 218/2

Turbo Amateurs Payton Matt/C-A, 219/5

NA 1000 Amateurs Luke Safrit/Pol, 223/4

LTD Stock 12+ Levi Dekeyrel/Hon, 143/2

Absolute Stock 12+ Levi Dekeyrel/Hon, 240/8

Below 900 Blake Helms/C-A, 222/8

570 UTVs Cruz Birchard/Pol, 219/7

250 Production Code St. Peter/Pol, 232/6

250 9-12 LTD Stock Lennox Smiley/Pol, 203/2

250 5-8 LTD Stock Suzanna Butler/Pol, 234/6

Youth 170 Stock Harper Willis/Pol, 235/5

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