2018 DynoJet Clutch Kits

Power loss, excessive belt wear, and belt slippage are all good indicators that your clutch is not working to its full potential. Common modifications such as larger diameter wheels and tires, or increased engine horsepower with add-ons like the Power Vision CX can lead to a CVT powered vehicle operating out of its normal optimal clutching range.


Dynojet Clutch Kits are designed to address each of these common conditions, are fully adjustable and can be tailored for the modifications done to the vehicle, the terrain you would like to run your vehicle in, or your specific driving style.


Each kit includes redesigned arms with magnetic weights giving you the flexibility needed to adjust the primary clutch allowing the engine to operate at the optimum RPM to obtain peak power. When appropriately paired for the modifications performed, springs and a redesigned helix (where applicable) can decrease belt temperature, reduce belt wear, and optimize the shift rate for maximum power transfer to the wheels.


Testing and validation of our new Clutch kits and Power Vision CX tunes is imperative. All tunes (calibrations) and clutch development are performed on our in-house Dynojet Dyno and field tested for maximum reliability and performance.  The end result is a clutch and tune that work together for maximum performance and power delivery.


Clutch Kit Features:

  • Increased top speed over stock and power transmission to the wheels.
  • Improved vehicle response by way of:
    • Faster back shift
    • Improved acceleration
    • Smooth engagement
  • Optimized belt tension for increased belt life and cooler belt temps
  • Dyno Developed and field tested by the world leader in Powersports Testing and Tuning
  • Engineered to deliver maximum output from Dynojet Power Vision CX tunes

Available kits:

Part No. Model Year Model MSRP
19-DCK1 2016 Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP Turbo / 4 $299.99
19-DCK6 2017-2018 Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP Turbo / 4 $299.99
19-DCK2 2014-2015 Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP 1000 $399.99
19-DCK5 2016-2018 Clutch Kit,POL,RZR XP 1000 $399.99
19-DCK7 2016-2018 Clutch Kit,POL,RZR S 1000 $399.99
19-DCK3 2016-2018 Clutch Kit,POL,General 1000 $399.99
19-DCK4 2016-2018 Clutch Kit,POL,RZR 900 S /4 /Trail $399.99
19-DCK8 2017-2018 Clutch Kit,POL,Ranger XP 1000 $299.99

Web: http://www.dynojet.com/powervision/dynojet-clutch-kits.aspx

Blog: http://blogs.dynojet.com/index.php/2018/03/dynojet-clutch-kits/

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