— What you need to know about this single-seat UTV —

-The Ace 900 XC is a 59” wide, single seat sport machine with 78 horsepower and more than a foot of suspension travel front and rear.

-The Ace 900 XC is $12,999, the Ace 570 EPS is $8,999, and the Ace 500 is $6,999. The new RZR RS-1 is $13,999. The RZR S 900 is $14,699. There are no single seat sport UTVs from other brands, but Can-Am’s new Maverick Sport starts at $14,699. The Textron Wildcat Sport Starts at $14,599.

-This machine got some upgrades for 2018. Fender flares add splash protection. Improved seat sliders make seat adjustments easier. The new Velocity Blue paint scheme stands out more than last year’s Matte Silver Pearl.

-With 78 horses pulling just 1050 pounds, the 900 XC has a ridiculous power to weight ratio, so it accelerates seriously hard.

-Great shocks, lots of travel and very little weight give the 900 a plush ride with remarkable bottoming resistance.

-The Ace 900 XC is one of the most agile machines in its size range, and its 59 inch width keeps it from feeling tippy, but it can be twitchy, so you have to pay attention when you’re driving it aggressively.

-The 900  goes through its smallish 5.25 gallon fuel supply pretty quickly. The RZR 900 has a 9.5 gallon tank that gives much more range.

-Look for the full test of the Ace 900 XC in UTV Action’s July issue!

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