2019 Honda Pioneer Line Up Minus A New Honda Talon

News on next years models

Honda has released its California Air Resources Board report on all of the new 2019 Honda Pioneer Line Up coming out this Fall. It looks as there are no major changes other than a few color additions. Prices have not been set yet but expect them to be the same as last year. Here’s the line up from the top down. You can also read the tests of the past models; 2018 Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe, 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 LE, 

 Honda Pioneer 1000-5






Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS


 Honda Pioneer 700-4 DLX
 Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe


Honda Pioneer 500

Later this Fall expect an official announcement regarding the much anticipated Honda Talon and possibly the electric Pioneer 500 they have been working on.

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