What we know

The rumors have been around for years about a secret high performance Honda SXS in the works and now spy photos are now starting to appear on the internet. From our history with Honda, and viewing the photos, we have figured out a few things that Hondas new “Talon” UTV will offer. Here’s what we think the 2019 Honda Talon will be like.


1. Half doors. This is good news for the aftermarket.

2. Window nets. Nice touch.

3. Paddle shifters (probably a 6-speed with auto option) Honda has never touted huge horsepower numbers however, they do not disappoint us getting that power to the ground. We expect the power number to be between 75-95hp.

4. The rear wheel appears to have a much deeper offset than upfront. This means aftermarket wheel companies will have to offer front and rear wheel sets. Typically all four wheels that people buy are the same offset on all four corners.

5. The weight balance and seating position appears to be rearward. Hopefully that will help the car fly front end high.

6. The shipping rack that the cars are sitting on in the spy photos appears to be large enough to fit a 4-seater, so a family wagon must be in the works.

7. The rear suspension appears to have a RZR-like trailing arms with two radius rods .

8. It’s a Honda and it will sell great.

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