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2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro MX

Kawasaki has introduced a new 2 seat Mule platform starting at $11,999. This 60” wide machine is for the rider or rancher that wants a compact platform but can still handle a hard days work. Called the 2109 Kawasaki Mule Pro MX, this single cylinder work horse can be hauled in the back of your pick or stored in a small shed on the property. It weighs in at just under 1600 pounds.



The heart of the all-new Kawasaki MULE PRO-MX side x side is a smooth and powerful liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 695cc SOHC, 4-valve, four-stroke engine that has smooth acceleration and plenty of torque. The fuel injection system assures fuel delivery to the engine is instantaneous, creating smooth and predictable power. With 43 ft. lb. of torque, it has excellent pulling power when fully loaded, but also excellent acceleration and agility when combined with the centrifugal clutch and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) design and four-wheel drive system. The MULE PRO-MX has smooth and dependable engine braking and also provides confidence-inspiring control when maneuvering down steeper descents.


The engine design and layout of the MULE PRO-MX was created with performance and durability in mind. The highly efficient intake and air cleaner design are placed high up in the engine bay, beneath the dashboard in a labyrinth layout, which utilizes a rubber seal and paper filter element to minimize the engine’s exposure to dust and grime. To enhance reliability of the MULE PRO-MX the ECU, CVT duct layout, and differential breather layout were designed to minimize water exposure; the ECU was placed inside an enclosed container high up in the vehicle. Taking into account coolant temperature, air intake temperature and pressure, throttle position, vehicle speed and crankshaft angle, the fuel injection system automatically regulates the optimal amount of fuel for extremely stable power delivery. Fueling the good times of the MULE PRO-MX is a large, 9.5-gallon fuel tank, which is recessed far from the wheels to minimize damage from trail debris.

Transferring the engine’s performance to the ground is a specially tuned CVT, complemented by a centrifugal clutch system that delivers smooth acceleration, maximizing traction and contributing to precise maneuvering. The MULE PRO-MX utilizes hard chrome plating on the CVT drive and drive shafts for long-lasting durability; the N7-grade CVT belt also ensures top-level durability. The CVT is paired with an electrically selectable 2WD/4WD system that has a dual-mode, locking rear differential. Convenient dash-mounted switches allow the driver to instantly engage the systems, giving full control over the 4WD system. The CVT also provides natural engine braking to assist when descending slopes, with consistent engine holdback to increase driver confidence, especially when the vehicle is loaded.


The Shinari-tuned frame of the MULE PRO-MX side x side is what truly provides its incredible handling and comfort characteristics, but also its durability. Shinari is a Japanese term that describes the elasticity of an object, which enables it to bend but not break, all while retaining its original shape, similar to the characteristics of a hunting bow or fishing pole. The Shinari tuned characteristics of the MULE PRO-MX are derived from its construction and highly specialized materials chosen to do the job.


The MULE PRO-MX frame has been built from high-quality steel square tubing using a ladder-type construction. The frame components are joined together using a combination of welded and bolted members, which create the highly predictable chassis performance and durability. For specific high-load areas, such as the suspension mounting plates, high-tensile strength steel was chosen to ensure greater reliability. A fully rubber mounted engine helps ensure increased ride comfort by minimizing engine vibration.

Complementing the design and performance of the Shinari tuned chassis of MULE PRO-MX is a double-wishbone suspension design utilizing twin-tube shock absorbers, both front and rear, which allows each of the wheels to drive over obstacles with minimal effect on the chassis. The shock absorbers provide excellent bump absorption and off road performance, while also helping to minimize chassis body roll to help provide a smoother ride for passengers.


Just like the other members of the MULE PRO family of side x sides, the MULE PRO-MX was designed and built to offer smooth, easy handling. Its chassis features a design that positions the wheels as close to the corners of the vehicle as possible, which contributes to the overall handling performance, and minimizes overhang. The incredible handling and maneuverability of the MULE PRO-MX are made possible by a few of its design characteristics, such as the width of its track and length of the wheelbase, ample ground clearance, high approach and departure angles, and Kawasaki Electronic Power Steering (EPS) on select models.


The MULE PRO-MX features a 13.8-foot turning radius, which is complemented by a short 78.9-inch wheelbase and wide track width, measuring 52 inches in the front end and 50.5 inches in the rear end with over 10 inches of ground clearance, allowing it to navigate plenty of tight turns and technical terrain. A 67-degree approach angle and 63-degree departure makes the MULE PRO-MX a very capable choice for off-highway adventures, because it reduces the chances of hitting the bumpers or scraping the tail when ascending or descending steep slopes. Kawasaki’s high-grade EPS system on the MULE PRO-MX works best when you need it most: at extremely slow speed and when stopped. The EPS system also enhances ride comfort and control by acting as a damping system, by using the inertia of the electric motor significantly reduces bump steer and kickback to the steering wheel caused. Complementing the Kawasaki EPS system is a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, which has a stepless range of 31-degrees and allows drivers to set the wheel to their preferred position while driving or exiting the vehicle. 


The MULE PRO-MX side x side comes equipped with 25-inch tires mounted to 12-inch rims. The large 25-inch Duro Frontier radial tires provide great off-road traction and ample ground clearance, and complement the rugged styling. The MULE PRO-MX™ EPS edition and EPS CAMO edition both feature rugged steel wheels, while the MULE PRO-MX™ EPS LE edition features cast aluminum wheels, which contribute to its high quality appearance.

The stopping duties of the MULE PRO-MX are handled by a powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brake package that offers consistent performance and brake pedal feel, complemented by the dependable engine braking system. All four corners of the MULE PRO-MX are equipped with 212 mm discs; the front discs are gripped by a pair of twin piston calipers, while the rear discs use a single caliper to slow the vehicle down. The MULE PRO-MX has a sturdy independent parking brake that helps keep it from rolling away when stopped, which is located conveniently the under the dash.


Because it is built Kawasaki STRONG, the MULE PRO-MX side x side has a sturdy 1.6 mm thick steel diamond-plate cargo floor with a maximum cargo capacity of up to 700 pounds (California model 600 pounds). Its spacious cargo bed measures 33.35 inches x 44.1 inches x 9.13 inches. The flat design of the cargo bed makes it easy to access and load from three sides, while its flat bottom provides efficient, useable space for chores around the property or gear for some outdoor fun. The bed utilizes a two-lever tailgate release system for easy opening and closing. The cargo bed has a gas-assisted tilt feature that makes it easier to raise the bed to allow easy access to the engine compartment.

The MULE PRO-MX cargo bed was engineered with convenience in mind, with many useful features integrated into it. New to the Kawasaki MULE PRO line up is the sturdy cargo divider system. A number of different cargo bed storage layout configurations are possible thanks to the slots that were built into the walls and tailgate, which allows dividers to be arranged laterally or longitudinally. The cargo bed also has an integrated one-inch square pipe, which provides six easy tie-down points that are compatible with the optional KQR™ accessory mounts. Another convenient feature of the cargo bed are the integrated tailgate cup holders, which are accessable when the tailgate is down.

Convenient storage options are another key feature of MULE PRO-MX. A 2.4-gallon storage compartment is located under the front hood; an additional 1.4-gallon storage compartment was built in beneath the passenger seat. A lockable passenger side glove box for small items was integrated into the dash, along with two cup holders, dashboard pockets and a tray for quick and easy storage of small items.

A standard two-inch tow hitch receiver allows the MULE PRO-MX to utilize a wide variety of accessory hitches while showcasing its impressive 1500-pound towing capacity, whether hard at work on the job or just helping friends along the trail.


The MULE PRO-MX side x side is built to be noticed; its tough high-quality pickup truck-style bodywork is inspired by its larger counterparts in MULE PRO Series lineup. It also takes many of its styling cues from Kawasaki’s flagship MULE line, such as the grill design, functional bumper and guard, and headlamp-area. The MULE PRO-MX’s size is not overwhelming, which gives it an easy-to-use appearance. Its sleek styling elements are not just for good looks, they also help to increase driver confidence with features like the front hood’s downward slant, which allows for a large field of vision. The MULE PRO-MX also features its own unique backswept paneling design around the headlamps, and a steel front bumper adds to its tough and rugged image.

The theme of clean automotive inspired design continues into the interior of the MULE PRO-MX with its dashboard configuration, which includes switches for the headlights, selectable 4WD, and rear differential lock. It also contains a multi-function display that is built into the dash, which monitors fifteen features, including but not limited to driving mode (2WD/4WD) indicator, digital speedometer, digital fuel gauge, odometer, parking brake indicator lamp, reverse indicator lamp, and a neutral indicator lamp. The dash also contains a conveniently placed 12-volt DC power outlet to make charging easy. The spacious interior of the MULE PRO-MX offers ample room for driver and passenger, as well as a comfortable cold resistant bench seat material, which are equipped with three-point anti-cinch seat belts. The interior also features Kawasaki’s Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), which includes a passenger handgrip and shoulder guards that are integrated into the frame.



Kawasaki Genuine Accessories offers more than 40 different individual accessories, as well as five different accessory packages that allow customers to tailor their MULE PRO-MX to their needs. Additional benefits include discount package pricing, Kawasaki STRONG 3-year Limited Warranty, and dealership installation. The Utility Package helps any handyman to quickly and efficiently navigate the biggest of jobsites. The Open Range Package is built to help the rancher or property owner make quick work of a day’s workload. The Adventure Package is built to allow the explorer or camper to chase the weekend’s adventures to the fullest. The Sportsman Package is built to ensure that hunter or adventurer can blend in with the wild and have plenty of room for efficient equipment storage. The Enclosed Package is built to offer comfort for users in areas working or adventuring in areas with inclement weather.

The MULE PRO-MX™ is available in several different models and color ways. The MULE PRO-MX EPS edition comes in a Timberline Green or Bright White finish and also features: EPS, adjustable tilt steering, steel wheels, halogen headlamps, and two LED auxiliary headlamps complementing two halogen headlamps. The MULE PRO-MX EPS CAMO edition comes in a TrueTimber® HTC Green and also features: EPS, adjustable tilt steering, steel wheels, halogen headlamps, and two LED auxiliary headlamps complementing two halogen headlamps, and plastic roof. The MULE PRO-MX EPS LE edition comes in Firecracker Red and also features EPS, adjustable tilt steering, stylish aluminum wheels, halogen headlamps, plastic roof, and two LED auxiliary headlamps complementing two halogen headlamps.


Color: Timberline Green, Bright White

MSRP: $11,999


Colors: Firecracker Red

MSRP: $12,499


Colors: Camouflage TrueTimber® HTC Green

MSRP: $12,649

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