Commanders  are available with 800cc or 1000cc V-twins, and they feature suspension with 10 inches of travel and a tilting, dual-level bed with a locking lower level. DPS models have EPS with three levels of selectable assist. XT models upgrade to a 4500-pound winch protected by an H-D front brush-guard bumper and mudguard over-fenders, along with three color choices.

Motor type 799cc/976cc, 8-valve, liquid-cooled SOHC V-twin

Transmission Dual-range CVT w/rev.& EBS

Drive system 2WD/4WD/Visco-Lok QE


  Front Dual A-arm/10”

  Rear Trailing-arm/10”

Brakes: f/r Dual disc/disc

Fuel capacity 10 gal.

Towing capacity 1,500 lb.

Bed capacity 600 lb.

Length/width/height 120/2”/62.5”/72”

Tire sizes: f/r AT27x9-12/AT27x11-12

Claimed dry weight 1321 lb.

Colors DPS Green XT

Carbon Black/Octane Blue,

Boreal Green, MOBUC camo

Price $12,299, XT $14,599

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