Can-Am has twenty-six 2020 Defender models to choose from, and we got to check out three all-new HD10 Defenders at the press introduction at West Texas’ YO Ranch—the all-new Defender Pro, Defender HD10 Limited and the HD10 6×6. All three 3-seat Defender HD10s included five years of upgrades and refinements, and we tested th e Pro in the January issue. The Can-Am Defender HD10 6×6 is as capable and impressive as the Pro, as it shares the long convertible bed and has even more traction.

Can-Am introduces the all-new Defender HD10 6×6, the most capable and sure-footed Defender ever. It’s designed to tow 2,500 pounds or carry 1,000 pounds of cargo in its extended, convertible bed.


For 2020 Defender HD10 models got several upgrades, and new head work boosted power from 72 horsepower to 82 horsepower, along with 69 foot pounds of torque and reduced vibration. Additionally, the HD10s got improved CVT tuning, a new drive mode and a new muffler combined with a new rear firewall to reduce engine noise in the cabin. The 2020 HD10 6×6 is also all new and designed for 30-inch mud tires, but comes with 27-inch Bighorn 2.0s stock. Both the new 6×6 and Pro have a Visco-Lok QE front diff for extra traction when needed. Essentially, the new 6×6 combines the HD10 front end (with the engine behind the cab) with a frame extension and the long bed of the Pro tested in January. It tows 2,500 pounds and stows another 1,000 pounds in the convertible bed.

New heads feed the V-twin’s 91mm pistons, and the 976cc eight-valve motor now makes 82 horsepower—10 more than last year. The engine also gets an EFI ECU with three drive modes: Eco, Work and Normal. It turns the six 27-inch Bighorn 2.0s with authority and will also turn up to 30-inch rubber.


The 2020 Defender HD10 6×6 is $17,999. The Defender HD10 Pro DPS is $17,899, and the HD10 Pro XT is $20,099. Three-seat Defenders start at $10,299 for the HD5 and jump to $18,999 for the HD10 XT-P. The Mossy Oak Edition HD10 is $19,699, while the HD10 X MR is $19,999, and the HD10 Limited with HVAC is $25,199. The Defender Max DPS starts at $14,999 with the HD8 engine, while the HD10 Max Lone Star is $20,599 and the Max X MR is $21,499. The HD10 Max Limited is $27,899. No other manufacturer has a 6×6 for 2020.

Arched A-arms deliver 11 inches of front travel, and plastic CV guards bolt to the lower arms. This 6×6 has an accessory plastic Deluxe Sport roof ($931.96) and half windshield ($239.99).


It’s sporty! The 82-horsepower V-twin has a massive 69 foot pounds of torque and good acceleration. We got 61 mph in High and 25 mph in Low out of the 6×6 in Normal drive mode. The 6×6 weighs 111 pounds more than the Pro and 388 pounds more than an HD10 XT-P, so brute acceleration is a bit less, but it’s faster than most pure utility machines and quick enough to be fun when the work is done.

Width is 64 inches, and mid and rear travel is 11.0 inches. Preload-adjustable shocks work with long A-arms, with the lower arms arched for clearance, connected by a torsion bar.


Super smooth. The iTC EFI map and CVT calibration are tuned for smooth low-speed work, and Low range is very low. The Pro-Torque transmission has quick response, electronic belt protection and high air-flow ventilation. The CVT was re-tuned for 2020 for 500-rpm-lower shifting. The selector for 4×6 or 6×6 engages either smoothly, and the front diff has Visco-Lok QE with automatic locking. Add Electronic Hill Descent Control and a three-mode drive map (Eco/Normal/Work), and the HD10 6×6 has a very tunable and user-friendly demeanor in any situation.


Well-tuned for work and play. Twin-tube gas shocks are only preload adjustable, but they and the arched A-arms deliver 11 inches of travel—front, middle and rear. It’s sprung and damped for a smooth ride with a loaded cab and bed, so solo ride quality is on the harsh side in rough terrain.

Rear tires are 27×11-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0s, and they ride on eight-spoke aluminum rims. The rear sway bar is stout to fight body roll, but articulation in rocks is very good.


Surprisingly well. It’s not quite as agile as the Pro tested in January. They share the same wheelbase, but the four rear 27×11-14 Bighorn 2.0s have so much traction, it’s harder to drift into faster turns. The upside is that they also have great traction for climbing hills, so you seldom have to engage the front diff.


It’s sure-footed and planted. We did an entire loop in hilly terrain in 4×6 mode, and it never hinted at wanting 6×6. We then did the same loop in 6×6, and we noticed slightly harder turning with some front-end push. Stay in 4×6 mode until extra traction is needed for extreme hills and obstacles. EBS and Hill Descent Control are awesome, especially in Low range.

The new HD10 6×6 DPS comes in white or Mossy Oak Break Up Camo. Engine braking is excellent, so the 6×6 crawls down hills, and noise and heat in the cabin are greatly reduced over 2019 HD10s.


Really strong! Six 27-inch Bighorn 2.0 tires are slowed by two-piston hydraulic calipers squeezing 220mm perforated rotors, and they’re backed up by an Engine Braking System and Electronic Hill-Descent Control. There is also a cool mechanical parking brake with release under the tilting steering wheel.

The DH10 DPS has three levels of EPS assist and a very comfortable, tilt, over-molded steering wheel. Controls are spartan with 4WD/6WD and light toggles, and there are seven blanks on the dash for accessories.


They’re superb! HD10s sport a 650-watt magneto, a 10-amp 12-volt DC port, plus two USB ports. The 6x6s sport a 4.5-inch-wide digital display with speedo, odo, trip, hour, fuel, gear, seat belt, diagnostics, clock, battery, engine temp and Eco/Work mode icons. Four 35-watt headlights extend work or play well past dark, and taillights are LED.

HD10s also have Versa-Pro seating for three and fold-up passenger seats. The center seat back folds down for cup holders/arm rest with two people aboard. There are two dash cup holders, a cool glove/removable tool box with the folding handle locking into the dash, lower cubby holes, and a dash-mounted range selector in a gated slot. A nice tilt steering wheel is assisted by three-mode EPS. The cabin is protected by an HMWPE central skid plate.

HD10 6x6s are workhorses with a 4.5 x 6.0-foot dumping bed with removable sides and Torx anchor bolts to prevent rattling, slots for wood-slat sides, and pilot holes for LinQ accessories such as a tool-box holder, gun racks, etc. The 1000-pound bed also has a tailgate with a 250-pound rating and two stout, spring-loaded steel latches.

The bench seat fits three adults, or fold the center and right seats up for extra cargo space. The center backrest folds down for an armrest and cup holders for two.


We are as impressed with the performance of the Defender HD10 6×6 as we are with the HD10 Pro. It’s a mechanical Clydesdale with serious traction, horsepower and torque, and it’s built to be maintenance-free for a year and easy to maintain after the first year. Cabin comfort is superb for up to three adults, and there is plenty of storage for tools, hardware or gear. It does everything well and has brakes and EBS/EHDC to decelerate as hard as it accelerates.




Engine type Liquid-cooled, 8-valve, SOHC 4-stroke


Displacement 976cc

Bore x stroke 91mm x 75mm (2)

Compression ratio 12:1

Lubrication system Wet sump

Induction iTC 54mm throttle body, 2 VDO injectors

Starting/back-up Electric turn-key/none

Starting procedure In any range, brake engaged

Air filter:

  Type Paper mesh/screen

Transmission Dual-range CVT w/EBS

Drive system Selectable 2WD/4WD

Final drive f/r Shaft/shaft


Fuel capacity 10.6 gal.

Wheelbase 115.5”

Overall length/width/height 153.4”/64”/78”

Ground clearance 13.0”

Claimed dry weight 1,944.5 lb.

Rear rack capacity 1,000 lb.

Towing capacity 2,500 lb.


Frame 2-inch, high-strength steel, ROPS-approved

Suspension/wheel travel:

  Front Dual A-arms & shocks w/adj. prel./11.0”

  Rear TTA trailing-arms & shocks w/adj. prel./11.0”


  Front Twin-piston hydraulic 220mm discs

  Rear Twin-piston hydraulic 220mm discs


  Front 27×9-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

  Rear 27×11-14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0


DC outlet Auto-style waterproof plug, USBs


Front Four 35W (144W) headlights

Rear Two LED tail/brake lights

Instrumentation Digital speedo/odo/tach/trip/hour/fuel/

gear position/diagnostics/clock

Colors White, Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo

Minimum recommended operator age 16

Suggested retail price DPS $17,999

Contact .Bombardier, (877)4-MY-RIDE or www.brp.com

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