XT Defenders come with power steering, painted bodywork, a roof, 4500-pound winch and front bumper. The XT Cab package adds a full cab enclosure with full glass windshield, wiper/washer kit, full doors with electric windows and rear glass, integrated heater kit and full hard roof with liner and interior dome light .See UTV Action’s full test of a previous Defender XT model here: https://utvactionmag.com/can-am-defender-xt-hd8/

Motor type 799.9cc 8-valve, liquid-cooled SOHC V-twin

Transmission Dual-range CVT w/EBS & rev.

Drive system 1WD, 2WD, 4WD, 4WD w/diff-lock


  Front Dual A-arm/10”

  Rear TTA trailing arm/10”

Brakes: f/r Hydraulic discs/hydraulic discs

Fuel capacity 10.6 gal.

Towing capacity 2,500 lb.

Bed capacity 1000 lbs, CA 600 lb.

Length/width/height 122.2”/65”/79”

Tire sizes: f/r 27×9-14/27×11-14

Claimed dry weight 1,585.1 lb.; XT, Cab 1,863 lb.

Colors XT, Hyper Silver, Boreal Green, MOBUC Camo;

XT Cab, Hyper Silver MOBUC Camo

Price $15,899; XT Cab, $21,999

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