Can-Am’s new 195 horsepower Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR joins the 195 horsepower Turbo RR-powered X ds, X rs, X mr “mud runner”, and X rc “rock crawler” models in Can-Am’s 2020 lineup. All X3s are powered by turbocharged 3 cylinder, 900cc, 12 valve engines. The boost from last year’s high of 172 hp to 195 is accomplished with a new, larger turbo, new pistons, a new less restrictive intake, and bigger intercooler with increased cooling capacity. New CVT tuning is used to improve drive belt life. The 72.7” wide X rs has 22 inches of front travel and 24 inches of rear travel and new suspension settings provide an extra inch of ground clearance. The X rs Turbo RR has 30×9-14 front and 30×11-14” rear tires on new beadlock wheels, a new 7.6 inch lighted instrument display and a new Hyper Silver, Intense Blue & Manta Green color choice in addition to Triple Black and Gold, Can-Am Red & Hyper Silver. Prices start at $27,499. See UTV Action’s full test of the previous top of the line X3 X rs here: https://utvactionmag.com/test-can-am-maverick-x3-x-rs-turbo-r/

Motor type 900cc, 12-valve, liquid-cooled DOHC triple

Transmission Dual-range CVT

Drive system 2WD/4WD/4WD w/diff-lock


  Front Dual A-arm/22”

  Rear 4-link trailing-arm/24”

Fuel capacity 10.5 gal.

Length/width/height 132”/72.7”/68.5”

Tire sizes: f/r 30×9-14/30×11-14

Claimed dry weight 1,627 lb.

Colors  Intense Blue/Manta Green, Triple black,  Gold/Can-Am Red/

Hyper Silver

Price $27,499

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