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For the new model year, Honda brought back silver, camo, white and red color choices to our old favorite, the Pioneer 700. The deluxe model is special as it comes with electronic power steering, painted or dipped bodywork. The standard 700 works fine without EPS and comes with a $1500 lower price tag. The Phantom Camo version is a little more at $14,099. Read our latest test of the Pioneer 700 HERE.

2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Paddle Shifters

According to Honda, the four-seat models offer two- and four-seat configurations available in standard and Deluxe versions, the latter boasting features like painted plastic, aluminum wheels, Electric Power Steering (EPS) and color-matched suspension springs, and Deluxe versions also let drivers switch between automatic and manual shifting. Both four-seat models boast QuickFlip™ seating, which allows the two rear seats to fold into the bed so that owners can select between two-, three- or four-seat configurations.

 2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Rear seat configuration.


  • Powered by Honda’s proven fuel-Injected 700cc-class liquid-cooled overhead-valve single-cylinder four-stroke engine.
  • Automotive-style automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter, three forward gears, and reverse.
  • Deluxe models feature a transmission that can change between manual electric-shift mode and fully automatic mode via a toggle switch; the automatic mode can also be overridden on-the-fly using the steering-column-mounted paddle shifters.
 2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Transmission selector.


  • Aluminum wheels on Deluxe models.
  • Deluxe models come with Electric Power Steering.
  • Painted plastic on Deluxe models for a striking look and a durable finish.
  • QuickFlip seating design on the four-seat models offers the versatility and adjustability of two-, three-, or four-person seating configurations. The seating arrangement can be quickly and easily changed thanks to a folding, stowaway rear-seat design, which provides full bed space and tilt function while in the two-person configuration.
  • With the overall dimensions of a two-person design, the Pioneer 700-4 models maintain a high level of maneuverability while still being able to seat up to four people.
  • Long-travel suspension, with 7.9 inches in front and 9.1 inches in the rear, provides a plush ride.
  • Rugged, aggressive, exciting styling.
  • Load capacities of up to 1,000 pounds hauling, or 1,500 pounds towing.
  • Design incorporates proven Honda technology for legendary Honda reliability.


Transferable one-year limited warranty; extended coverage available with a HondaCare Protection Plan.

  • Meets current CARB and EPA off-road emissions standards
  • Recommended for Drivers 16 years of age and older
2020 Honda Pioneer 700 Rear Differential. 

Honda Accessories   


  • Bed Extender
  • Cab Frame Cargo Bag
  • Rear Cab Net
  • Under-Dash Storage Pocket


  • Fabric Front Doors (Black)
  • Fabric Front Doors (Camo)
  • Hard Front Doors
  • Rear Doors (Black)
  • Fabric Rear Doors (Camo)
  • Fabric Rear Panel (Black, 2-seater)
  • Fabric Rear Panel (Black, 4-seater)
  • Hard Rear Panel (short roof)
  • Hard Rear Panel (extended roof)


  • Work Light
  • Work Light Wire Mount
  • LED Auxiliary Lights
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Headlight Wiring
  • LED Light Bar
  • 38mm Light Bar/Auxiliary Light Clamp
  • 41mm Light Bar/Auxiliary Light Clamp
  • 44mm Light Bar/Auxiliary Light Clamp
  • Horn Kit
  • Back-Up Alarm
  • Back-Up Alarm Mount
  • Heater
  • Accessory Sub Harness
  • Switch Plate/Volt Meter/Wire Harness


  • Aluminum Front Wheel
  • Aluminum Rear Wheel
  • Fender Flares
  • Rear Drink Holder
  • Side Mirror Kit
  • Rear-View Mirror
  • Flag with Mount


  • Rear Seat Covers (Camo)
  • Front Seat/Headrest Covers
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Poly Bed Liner
  • Bed Mat (2-seater)
  • Bed Mat (4-seater)
  • Full Storage Cover (2-seater)
  • Full Storage Cover (4-seater)
  • Storage Cover (for towing, 2-seater)
  • Storage Cover (for towing, 4-seater)
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Aluminum Front A-Arm Guards
  • Aluminum Rear A-Arm Guards
  • HMWPE Skid Plate


  • Bimini Top (Black, 2-seater)
  • Bimini Top (Black, 4-seater)
  • Fabric Roof/Rear Panel (Black, 2-seater)
  • Fabric Roof/Rear Panel (Black, 4-seater)
  • Fabric Roof/Rear Panel (Camo)
  • Hard Roof (short)
  • Extended Hard Roof (extended)


  • 72” Plow Blade
  • Plow Push Tube
  • Plow Mount Kit
  • Draw Bar
  • Hitch Ball
  • Receiver Hitch Plug
  • Winch
  • Winch Mount


  • 2-Piece Poly Windscreen (hard-coated)
  • 2-Piece Poly Windscreen (optical)
  • Full Poly Windscreen (hard-coated)
  • Full Poly Windscreen (optical)
  • Glass Windshield
  • Half Wind Deflector
  • Windshield Wiper Kit
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