The three-seat Mule Pro-FXR is the sportiest of the Pro-series Mule utility-recreation family. Shorter and lighter than the Pro-FX and Pro-FXT, but powered by the same 812cc, three-cylinder engine as the larger models, the Pro-FXR is quicker and more agile, while still providing impressive work capabilities like a 1000-pound bed capacity and the ability to tow 2000 pounds. Painted bodywork, contoured bench seats, aluminum wheels and a roof are standard equipment. See UTV Action’s full test of the Mule Pro-FXR here: https://utvactionmag.com/test-kawasaki-mule-pro-fxr/

Motor type 812cc, 12-valve, liquid-cooled DOHC

inline triple

Transmission Dual-range CVT w/rev.& EBS

Drive system 1WD/2WD/4WD/diff-lock 4WD


  Front Dual A-arm/8.7”

  Rear Dual A-arm/8.7”

Brakes: f/r Dual disc/disc

Fuel capacity 7.9 gal.

Towing capacity 2,000 lb.

Bed capacity 1,000 lb. (CA 600 lb.)

Length/width/height 121.5”/64”/77.2”

Tire sizes: f/r 27×9-14/27×11-14)

Claimed curb weight 1,768.4 lb.

Colors Metallic Phantom Silver, Candy Persimmon Red

Price $14,999

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