The 2021 Arctic Cat UTV lineup is simpler and focused on offering high-performance sport and recreation utility machines with customization kits based on consumer and dealer feedback. The Wildcat Trail models, Stampede recreation machines and the 100-horsepower Havoc and Havoc Backcountry Edition won’t be produced for 2021, so the entire UTV lineup consists of the Prowler 500, Prowler Pro, Prowler Pro Crew and the innovative Wildcat XX.

Wildcat XXs have the plushest ride of any sport UTV. They come in Dynamic Charcoal/Red or Medium Green/White for 2021 with an MSRP of $19,999.


Originally designed by Robby Gordon and Arctic Cat engineers, the Wildcat XX remains the most innovative and unique high-performance sport UTV, as it has a heavy Trophy Truck influence. The tubular frame is designed with front and rear drop-outs, so the entire front end or engine, transmission and CVT can be removed with six bolts. The full-bed cargo box can be removed with four fasteners to access the engine, which is a 998cc triple built by Yamaha for the YXZ1000R, but it’s connected to a Team Rapid-Response CVT instead of a gearbox.

Wildcat XX Adventure kits (shown) include a hard top, windshield, rear window and rear-view mirror. The Enforcer kit includes front and rear bumpers and side rails. The Discover kit includes kick-panel bags, shoulder bags, a spare-tire and holder and a 36-inch LED light bar with bracket.

The Wildcat XX 1.75-inch tube cage is race-ready with anti-intrusion bars front and rear, and tie-rods are in front of the spindles like Trophy Trucks. The RG Pro trailing-arm rear suspension has no links, and arms are identical on each side, so they can be swapped, and there is little tire scrub during the full 18 inches of travel. Shocks are Fox Podium 2.5 QS3s with Bottom-Out Control (BOC). Unequal-length top and bottom A-arms are designed for less tire scrub during travel—also 18 inches—as well.

Prowler Pros come in Atomic Copper (Ranch) or Earth Blue (base) for 2021. The Adventure kit includes a rear-view mirror, windshield, and rear window, while the Protection Plus kit adds hard doors to the Adventure kit. Winter kits include a push-frame and frame mount with a 72-inch plow blade.

First produced in 2018, the Wildcat XX was $24,999, but the 2021 XX is only $19,999. It has been successful in short-course racing, so much so that the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series has mandated that Wildcats and drivers in Production 1000 must weigh 1820 pounds, the same as the Yamaha YXZ and the most in the class.

Pro Prowlers and Crews have an 812cc triple with 50 horsepower and 48 pound-feet of torque. Travel is 10 inches in front and 9.5 inches in back. Prowler Pros have tilt steering with column-mounted shifter and 1-ton towing with a tilt-bed capacity of 1000 pounds.

Colors for 2021 are Dynamic Charcoal/Red and Medium Green/White, and XX customization kits include Adventure, Enforcer and Discover, so customers can get one or all three.

The 2021 Prowler 500 can be had with the Adventure kit with roof, windows and rear-view mirror. The Enforcer kit includes a winch, mount and bumpers. Protection Plus kits include hard doors, top, windshield, rear window and mirror. The Winter kit includes a winch, mount, push-frame mount and kit, and a 66-inch steel plow.



See UTV Action’s full test on the Widcat XX here: https://utvactionmag.com/see-the-full-test-arctic-cat-wildcat-xx/

Adventure kit with roof $1,269.95 $1,0042

Enforcer kit $938.95 $770

Discover kit $1,407.95 $1,155


Trail kit $1,656.95 $1,359

Trail kit $1,768.95 $1,452

Backcountry kit $1,406.95 $1,173

Premium Cab kit $5,751.95 $4,717

Premium Cab kit $6,033.95 $4,949

Adventure kit $1,215.95 $998

Protection Plus kit $5,310.95 $4,356


Adventure kit with roof $1,817.95 $1,491

Trail kit $1,647.95 $1,352

Enforcer kit with winch $1,429.95 $1,173

Protection Plus kit $10,007.95 $8,207

Winter kit $1,109.95 $904


Adventure kit with roof $1,49295 $1,225

Enforcer kit with winch $1,251.95 $1,027

Protection Plus kit $3,476.95 $2,852

Winter kit $1,777.95 $1,459

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