Created in 2019 by Johnny and CJ Greaves, Monster Energy and SxS Sports, the $150,000 UTV Series tested racers’ skills and speed on ice, Supermoto and short-course tracks. Now called the King of the Elements, the 2020 UTV series crowned Scottie Lawrence (C-A) Pro Mod champion and Rod VanEperen (Yam) Pro Stock champion, with both earning $20,000 in series cash and VanEperen earning a Yamaha bLU cRU bonus. The 2021 King of the Elements started with the 2021 Arctic Derby ice race at 141 Speedway on February 26th, holds a short-course round on May 21–22 at Dirt City, and does another dirt-track round with jumps on September 17–18. The finale combining short-course and woods is to be announced at a later date, with each round getting more than $25,000 in payouts.


KOE is also a series dedicated to grooming future stars with Youth 170 classes, and it partners with Race-Driven Polaris/KTM for 2021 to introduce a new UTV 570 class that bridges the gap from 170 to Sportsman UTVs. Reid Votis (Pol) is the defending Mini 170 champion, and Dylan Marquardt (Yam) is the Sportsman UTV champ. Also new for 2021, SxS Sports adds the Diva class for women racers.

Rodney VanEperen flew to second in Pro Mod and third in Pro Stock at 141 Speedway, so he sits in a great position for the rest of the KOE series and Yamaha bLU cRU bonuses.


SxS Sports kicked off its 2021 King of the Elements (KOE) series with the Arctic Derby at Maribel, Wisconsin, and 85 racers braved the winter cold to go ice racing in UTVs. The Arctic Derby hosted by 141 Speedway featured an ice oval with infield jumps and turns, and ice screws provided the traction for great racing.

The Pro Mod A-main had 12 cars battling on the tight Arctic Derby Dash course, and Scottie Lawrence (26) got shuffled back in the melee.

In Pro Mods, it was Can-Am versus Yamaha with a dozen entries, and Brian Joski and his Can-Am X3 topped the field, winning by less than a second over the Yamahas of Rodney VanEperen and Luke Stubbs. In a field of 20 Pro Stocks, RJ Lego led and all-Yamaha podium with Owen VanEperen second and father Rodney third.

Scottie Lawrence (C-A) led the Pro Mod A-Main early, but dropped to third on the fourth lap when Brian Joski took over the lead for the duration. Rodney VanEperen started third but was passed by Luke Stubbs, and he later got Stubbs back when Lawrence dropped to fifth. Kyle Chaney started fifth and could only move up to fourth. In the 12-lap main. Joski did the 12 laps in 10:25.664, almost 1.5 minutes faster than the Pro Stocks.

Luke Stubbs was consistent in the Pro Mod A-main and finished on the podium.

Owen VanEperen led the first nine Pro Stock laps, while Rodney started fifth and moved to second in three laps. RJ Lego started ninth and went to seventh in a lap, then he put on a mid-race charge to fifth and jumped to second on the eighth lap and first on the 10th circuit. He held onto the win, doing 12 laps in 11:52.342 and beating Owen by 2.17 seconds.

Owen VanEperen was second in his Pro Stock qualifying heat and second in the A-Main. Tire screws provide plenty of traction on the snow and ice.

Troy Johnson won the new-for-2021 570 A-Main ahead of Ellah Holter and 170 A-Main winner Collin Paitl. The Mini A-Main podium saw Corbyn Wassenberg second and Ellah Holter third. Yamaha dominated the Sportsman A-Main, with Chase Kleist winning over Jake Kosmecki and Riley Marsquardt. Also new for 2021, the Diva class was won by Amber Holtger. The KOE series resumes May 21–22 with a short-course at Lena, Wisconsin.

Chase Kleist topped the Sportsman class, with Jake Komecki second and Riley Marsquardt third for an all-YXZ podium.


Round 1, Arctic Derby;

Eagle River, WI

Pro Mod A-Main

1. Brian Joski C-A

2. Rodney VanEperen Yam

3. Luke Stubbs Yam

4. Kyle Chaney C-A

5. Scottie Lawrence C-A

6. Brian Waszak Yam

7. Jason Watt C-A

8. Tyler Krusick C-A

9. Michael Gilliand Yam

10. Gray Leadbetter Yam

Pro Stock A-Main

1. RJ Lego Yam

2. Owen VanEperen Yam

3. Rodney VanEperen Yam

4. Jesse Klaus Yam

5. Scott Wasz Y&am

6. Matt Bohn Pol

7. Dylan Marquardt Yam

8. Bill Berger Yam

9. Ben Enloe Yam

10. Zach Janke Yam

Sportsman A-Main

1. Chase Kleist Yam

2. Jake Kosmecki Yam

3. Riley Marsquardt Yam

4. Kadin Piontek Yam

5. Tim Shore Yam

570 A-Main

1. Troy Johnson Pol

2. Ellah Holter Pol

3. Collin Paitl Pol

4. Benjamin Heiting Pol

Mini A-Main

1. Collin Paitl Pol

2. Corbyn Wassenberg Pol

3. Ellah Holter Pol

4. Finlay Holter Pol

5. Mason Schultz Pol

Diva A-Main

1. Amber Holtger Pol

2. Shantel Homernik NA

3. Brittany Waszak Yam

4. Lexy Thomma NA

5. Cassie Christensen Yam


1. Feb. 26-27 Arctic Derby/Maribel, WI

2. May 21-22 Short-Course/Lena, WI

3. Sept. 17-18 Short-Course/Maribel, WI

4. TBA, TBA Elk River, WI

Contact www.sxssportsracing.com


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14706 Velp Ave.

Suamico, WI 54114

[email protected]

find out about more King of the Elements events here: KING OF THE ELEMENTS 2021 UTV SERIES | UTV Action Magazine

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