2021 CAN-AM UTVs

2021 CAN-AM UTVs

Model year 2020 was stellar for Can-Am, especially since Maverick X3 pilots won 2019 Pro Turbo Championships in WORCS and Lucas Oil Off-Road, plus the 2020 Dakar and King of the Hammers UTVs. Can-Am is sure to win the Texas UTV Series Turbo Pros as well. 2021 Can-Am UTVs build on those successes through 2020 and into 2021, so it introduced the electronic Smart-Shox technology for Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR models. Additionally, all X3s, except the X mr, get a new CVT cover for a 4-decibel-quieter ride. All X3 Turbo RRs get a new 850-watt magneto instead of the standard 650-watt one to run extra accessories. Including the new Smart-Shox rs and rs Max Turbo RRs, there are 17 X3s—from the X ds Turbo at $18,999 to the 174-horsepower ds/rs Turbo Rs to the X3 Max X rs Turbo RR Smart-Shox at $32,099. RC X3s and Sports get a new Magma Red color scheme, while X mr models are Manta Green and Iron Grey.

2021 Can-Am UTVs
The 2020 Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR is upgraded to 195 horsepower and Smart-Lok diff with four traction/steering modes for epic acceleration and traction control. The 2021 rs Turbo RR adds a Smart-Shox option with industry-first electronic rebound adjustments, in addition to compression for even greater control.


Much like Polaris Dynamix RZRs, BRP’s Smart-Shox has three suspension modes—Comfort, Sport and Sport+—that are controlled by a Bosch ECU computer. Unlike the Polaris and Honda Talon systems, Smart-Shox has on-the-fly adjustments for both compression and rebound. Can-Am X3 X rs Turbo RR models with Smart-Shox retain the 2.5 front and 3.0 rear Fox Podium IBP shocks but add Live Valves with Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) for on-the-fly compression and rebound damping adjustments, giving 22 inches of front and 24 inches of rear travel. Where Dynamix and Talon Live Valve potentiometers are on the reservoirs, Smart-Shox adjusters are inline with the shaft and piston. Two sensors per shock measure speed and position 200 times per second and feed information to the ECU. Smart-Shox stiffens valving as needed, and the system levels the chassis during hard acceleration, braking and turning.

2021 Can-Am UTVs

2021 Can-Am UTVs
The Smart-Shox Live Valve rides next to the piston assembly and decides how much oil passes through the shock shaft and Live Valve on compression, (top) augmenting the oil passing through the piston and valve stack (and IBP ports). The Live Valve base opens on rebound (below) and determines how much fluid passes through and into the shaft.

Spring rates are exactly the same on Smart-Shox rs models as rs models with the standard 2.5/3.0 Fox Podium RC2 IBPs; X3s started out with two IBP ports on two-seat rs models and four ports on four-seat rs models, but now there are five IBP ports with blow-off reed valves. Can-Am had three main goals with Smart-Shox: the fastest valve adjustments, electronic compression and rebound control, and the most powerful algorithm. Dakar champion Casey Currie, Dustin Jones, Brian Deegan and Travis Pastrana have driven Smart-Shox, which deliver racers smoother landings with superior suspension management, including bottom-out and top-out protection. It is also tunable for different tire sizes and weights.

2021 Can-Am UTVs
Smart-Shox Turbo RRs come in a new Desert Tan and black with red grille, shock springs, beadlock rings and seat bases. X3 X rs Turbo RRs with the “old” Fox 2.5/3.0 RC2 IBP shocks get the new color choice with red seat bases and grilles but not the shock springs or rings. Both versions have 22 inches of front and 24 inches of rear travel.

Fox supplied the hardware. Bosch supplied the ECU. But, the software and shock tuning were all Can-Am/BRP. The 2021 Maverick X3 X rs Turbo RR with Smart-Shox starts at $29,299, and the Max Turbo RR with Smart-Shox is $32,099. These rs models come in Triple Black with red shock springs, grilles, beadlock rings, seat backs and bases. Or, get it in the new Desert Tan with red accents.

2021 Can-Am UTVs
The Maverick Sport X rc 1000R returns with 100 horsepower, 14.75-inches of travel, 30-inch Liberty tires on 14-inch aluminum wheels, 15-inch ground clearance, a rear-view mirror and 4500-pound winch. It gets a new Magma Red treatment on its suspension arms, bumper and cage and Chalk Grey body panels.


2021 Can-Am UTVs include Maverick Sport models. The base Sport 1000 with 75-horsepower V-twin and five Sport 1000Rs with 100-horsepower V-twin power. The Sport DPS has 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires and 2.0 Fox Podium QS3 shocks. The 64-inch Sport X xc upgrades to 29-inch 2.0s on 14-inch beadlock wheels, 2.5 Fox QS3 shocks, Smart-Lok front diff with Trail/Active drive modes, and the new Desert Tan color, which is officially Macchiato Satin. The Sport X rc gets 30-inch Liberty tires on aluminum wheels, 15-inch ground clearance, 2.5 Fox QS3s, Smart-Lok with additional Rock mode, a winch, rear-view mirror, and color-matched Magma Red cage, bumper, suspension arms and hood. The Sport X mr gets 30-inch ITP Cryptid mud tires on beadlock rims, Smart-Lok with Mud mode, 2.5 Fox QS3 shocks, winch, snorkel intakes, and a Manta Green cage, arms, shock springs, bumper, and graphics.

The 2021 Sport 1000R X xc gets the new Desert Tan color; X xc models have a 64-inch width, 14.75 inches of wheel travel and 15 inches of ground clearance with 29-inch Bighorn 2.0 tires on beadlock wheels. The MSRP went up by $100.

The Maverick Sport 1000R Max DPS gets 2.0 Fox QS3 shocks and 27-inch Bighorn 2.0 tires, all-black livery, including the front bumper, 12.5/13.0 inches of wheel travel, and a 60-inch width for family fun.

Maverick Trails are great for exploring 50-inch USFS roads, and the red Trail 800 without doors, EPS or aluminum wheels is $11,399. The Maverick Trail 1000 DPS upgrades to three-mode EPS, aluminum wheels and half doors with Octane Blue, Black or Camo body panels. They’re built to go no-maintenance for a full year.

Maverick Trails come in two engine sizes and trim levels—the 800cc V-twin makes 51 horsepower, and the 976cc 1000 makes 75 horsepower. The 50-inch Trails have 26-inch Carlisle ACT tires on steel wheels and 10.5 inches of rear-wheel travel. Trail DPS models upgrade to EPS, two-tone half doors, black aluminum wheels, and Ergoprint seats. The driver’s seat has 5 inches of adjustment on Sports and Trails.

Commanders were not included in the 2021 UTV launch, but 2020s are available at Can-Am dealers.

Can-Am introduced the Defender HD10 6×6 for 2020, and the 6×6 gets a new XT trim option for 2021 with Oxford Blue paint, a 4500-pound winch, a new hydraulic box lift, bumper and roof. The new lift is a $600 dealer-installed option for all Defenders.
The Defender line drops the XT-P package with Smart-Lok for 2021, as well as the XT Cab. Here is the 2021 HD8 XT in Timeless Black Metallic; the HD8 has a 51-horsepower V-twin and 10 inches of wheel travel. The XT package adds a roof, 4500-pound winch and steel front bumper.


Can-Am changes XT Cab Defenders to DPS Cabs, with only Limited models getting the fully enclosed cabin. LTDs have electric windows and the pop-out windshield for times when the new-for-2019 HVAC or heater isn’t in use. The popular Defender HD10 6×6 gets an XT trim package for 2021, which includes a new hydraulic box-lift, poly roof, XT front bumper, 4500-pound winch, and a new Versa-Pro bolster reinforced bench seat from the X mr. In fact, all Defenders get the new bolster seat, and the 6x6s hydraulic lift is available for all Defenders as a $600 dealer-installed option. Defenders also have a new Oxford Blue color option, and Lone Star and X mr Defenders have new LED lights.

See UTV Action’s full test on the X3 X rs Turbo RR here: https://utvactionmag.com/2020-x3-xrs-turbo-rr/

See more 2021 Can-Am UTVs here: https://can-am.brp.com/off-road/us/en/models.html

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