2021 MASSIMO WARRIOR 1000X/800

2021 MASSIMO WARRIOR 1000X/800

2021 MASSIMO WARRIOR 1000X/800

The 2021 Massimo Warrior 1000X/800 seat three and have tough metal bodywork with front rack and large power tilt bed with removable tailgate and side panels.The 1000X has an 85 horsepower V-twin. The 800 has a 60 horsepower V-twin.These 70 inch wide machines feature locking front and rear differentials , dual exhausts, and large radiator with dual fans. Windshield, roof, side mirrors, front rack, power steering, front bumper, 2″ Frame mounted winch receiver, 4500 pound winch, steel front and rear A-arm guards, HID/LED halo high/low head lights, 12.7 gallon fuel tank, 27 inch tires and 14 inch cast aluminum wheels are standard equipment. For a limited time, you’ll get a free Massimo transportation cover for your machine when you order a Massimo Warrior 1000X. See UTV Action’s full test of the Warrior 1000 here: https://utvactionmag.com/test-massimo-warrior-1000x/

See the full Massimo UTV lineup here: https://www.massimomotor.com

Motor type 1000cc/800cc liquid-cooled, V-twin

Transmission Dual-range CVT w/rev.

Drive system 2WD/4WD/Diff-lock


  Front Dual A-arm/7.9”

  Rear Dual A-arm/8.1”

Brakes: f/r Hydraulic 200mm discs/170mm disc

Fuel capacity 12.7 gal.

Towing capacity 1,500 lb.

Bed capacity 500 lb.

Length/width/height 131.5”/70”/77”

Tire sizes: f/r 27×9-14/27×11-14

Claimed dry weight 1,830 lb.

Colors Black, Sand/Sand

Price $15,995/$12,995

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