Since we reported on the $200,000 Texas UTV Race Series in the January issue of UTV Action Magazine, there has been schedule changes. The first round of the 2021 Texas UTV Racing Series was to be held February 20th at Texplex Park in Midlothian, Texas, but a record-setting blizzard forced cancellation of the first round. It will now be held on March 6th at Texplex Park, so it’s not too late to earn points in the lucrative Texas UTV Race Series!

This 10-round series will have a total purse of $200,000, up from 2020’s $110,000! While Hunter Miller won $40,000 for the 2020 Texas Turbo Pro championship and Collin Truett won the $40,000 Pro N/A purse, 2021 Pro championships will be $30,000, with larger payouts for second ($10,000 instead of $7,500) and third ($7,000 instead of $2,500). Payouts will increase for all amateur and youth classes as well, with each championship earning $1,500, second getting $1,250 and third getting $1,000! In 2020, Youth 170 classes raced for sponsor products, so the 2021 payout schedule is a huge upgrade for all classes.

TexPlex Park expands its total purse for the 10-round 2021 Texas UTV Race Series to $200,000, and that larger payout will be spread more evenly among series-class winners, second and third in Pro, Amateur and Youth classes. Hunter Miller (2) is 2020 Pro Turbo champion, Kyle Hart (47) was second and Cody Miller was third.

Amateur classes include 1000 Turbo A, 1000 Turbo B, 1000 N/A A, 1000 N/A B, Below 900cc, Senior Turbos, Senior N/As, Women’s A, Women’s B, 570s, 1000 Absolute Stock N/A 12+ Year Olds, 170 9-12 Limited Stock, 170 6-8 Limited Stock, 170 Production, and 170 Absolute Stocks. All UTVs are required to have solid doors, window nets, roll cages, metal roofs, 4- or 5-point harnesses, fire extinguishers, fire suits, boots, and DOT-approved helmets. Entry fees are $275 for pros, $125 for amateurs and $75 for 170s. Dry camping is $25, and Friday is open practice. Saturday schedules have practice at 7–8 a.m., a driver’s meeting at 8:45 a.m., and racing starting at 9 a.m.

They go big in Texas, and TexPlex has several huge tabletops, big-bowl turns, and a split-lane first turn and rhythm section. Cody Martin won three 2020 rounds, but only had one other top five; a deep field requires consistency for a series podium.
Youth classes for 2021 include a new Absolute Stock NA 1000, 12+ years old, 570s and four 170 classes—Absolute Stock, Production, Limited Stock 6–8 and Limited Stock 9–12.

Having many motocross courses and an MX race series, TexPlex has a unique UTV racing format. Each class has two Saturday races, with the shorter first moto having split starts and separate scoring on elapsed time. The fastest wave winner gets first gate pick for the longer second moto. The two races are then scored together, with the lowest total being declared the winner, like in the MX of Nations. TexPlex uses the AMA Motocross National scoring system, with first overall getting 25 points, second earning 22, third getting 20, fourth earning 18 and fifth getting 16. From sixth to last, there is 1 point difference between places. Each series racer gets to drop his or her worst score before the final championship round.

TexPlex has a land-rush start like Crandon International and a two-moto format. The first race is split into waves that are timed and scored separately for second-race gate picks and a mass start. Collin Truett (17) is the defending Pro NA 1000 champion.
Every class requires a DOT-approved helmet, fire suit, driving boots, race cage, roof, full doors, side nets, fire extinguisher, number plates and transponder for scoring. TexPlex rents transponders.

WORCS champion Corbin Leaverton won the final 2020 Pro N/A round, and the family was looking for land in Texas, so the increase in purse will surely see increases in participation from across the USA. TexPlex is also the home track for 2019 WORCS Pro Turbo champ Cody (and Hunter) Miller, and TexPlex Park is located on Miller Road south of Dallas/Fort Worth. There will also be Friday-night pit bike races for families.

Rachel Cheatwood (C-A) won five of eight rounds on her way to the 2020 Under 1000cc-class championship, and there are two Women’s classes for 2021.
Rusty Pipes (C-A) was the top scorer of 2020 with six wins and 172 points in both the Senior (45+) Turbos and Turbo Amateurs. He also received prizes, including a cage, ECU tune and more. Amateur-class titles earn $1,500 for 2021, while second earns $1,250 and third gets $1,000.



1. Mar. 6…Midlothian, TX

2. Mar. 13…Midlothian, TX

3. Apr. 17…Midlothian, TX

4. May 8…Midlothian, TX

5. June 19…Midlothian, TX

6. July 17…Midlothian, TX

7. Aug. 28…Midlothian, TX

8. Sept. 25…Midlothian, TX

9. Oct. 16…Midlothian, TX

10. Nov. 6-7…Midlothian, TX*

* Double-header finale

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