Yamaha’s lineup has been on the conservative side as of late, especially when compared to the other big manufacturers, but there are some important updates to the 2021 Yamaha UTVs. For a handful of years now, it’s been the pure-sport machine in the YXZ, a utility in the Viking and the Wolverine in the middle. However, there are lots of versions of those three models to choose from.

Farm work or chores around the ranch will get done quicker with the help of Yamaha’s Viking. Its wider cockpit fits up to three occupants. The dump bed is equally as large and tilts to help the workday go quicker.

They don’t have a 50-inch-wide SxS for tighter trails or anything with long travel, a standard turbo, or a four-seat sport machine aimed at the dune or desert crowd. However, 2021 Yamaha UTVs include the all new Wolverine RMAX 1000 two- and four-seater. Here we will go over the rest of the returning SxS lineup for 2021.

If you are looking for the most compact four-seater on the market, this is it. We’ve spent days in the back seat of this rig and heard very little complaints. For 2021, Yamaha made it easier to get in and out of.

2021 YAMAHA YXZ1000R: $18,999

Still, the only UTV with a stick-shift transmission, the original YXZ1000R, returns with its pure-sport heritage. This model puts two passengers in a cockpit with a very low center of gravity with a great view over the hood. This model is dominating short-course racing in the Midwest and has a huge cult following in the dunes further out west. There is a 2020 SE version still available with beadlock wheels, painted bodywork and accents. It sells for an extra $1700.

The go-anywhere Wolverine X2 is a hunter’s secret weapon in the field. The $14,499 starting price is affordable and, along with a 10-year belt life, so is the upkeep. This X2 has the 850 engine. You can read about the all-new Wolverine RMAX 1000, which is also in this issue.

2021 YAMAHA YXZ1000R SS: $18,999; SE: $ 20,699; XT-R: $21,799

The SS stands for Sport Shift. This model still has a fun five-speed manual transmission, but you shift it via steering-column-mounted paddles. Keeping both hands on the wheel, it still shifts lightning fast, and since there’s no clutch pedal to push, your leg can stay planted on the dead pedal. All of this translates to a super-thrilling ride with less effort from the driver. This year the SE version comes in a bright yellow or white with beadlocks, a roof and rear-view mirror. The high-end X2 shocks are no longer offered. For the extreme guys, the XT-R comes with a front bumper, a Warn winch and Maxxis Carnage tires instead of Big Horns.

2021 YAMAHA WOLVERINE X2 R-Spec: $14,499; X2 XT-R: $15,999; X4 XT-R:  $18,199

The original Wolverine X2 and X4, as well as the R-Spec, return with a slight makeover. New bodywork resembles the RMAX with rounder lines and low side doors. Additionally, the pedal assembly has been adjusted for a more comfortable experience from the driver. This cousin to the new RMAX has a shorter wheelbase and a lot less wheel travel, at about 9 inches all the way around. These Wolverines are powered by the quiet-running 850 that has impressed us since its release a couple of years back.

You can bring the whole crew around in the Viking 6. Each passenger gets an individual seat, seat belt and grab-handles. It’s one of the safest ways to transport crew, customers or family.

2021 YAMAHA VIKING: $11,999; EPS: $13,599; EPS RANCH EDITION: $14,299; V1 EPS: $14,399; V1 EPS RANCH EDITION: $15,699

For work, chores and ranch duties, Yamaha has a big offering of Viking machines that will get the job done. These are powered by a 686cc, single-cylinder engine utilizing the strong Ultramatic CVT transmission. Along with plenty of power and torque, you get a 10-year warranty on that belt.

The chassis is offered with or without EPS and with three abreast seating in one row or two. The standard or six seater both come as a luxurious Ranch edition too. This will get you leather-looking seats, painted bodywork, aluminum wheels, top and rear-view mirror, and over-fenders. At the business end of all Vikings, you will find a huge dumping bed with a 600-pound payload capacity.

See UTV Action’s report on the new Yamaha’s new Rmax 1000 here: https://utvactionmag.com/2021-yamaha-rmax-1000/


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