The 2022 Can-Am lineup is full of improvements for the X3, new offerings in the Commander line,  different engine choices for the Defender and new accessories for everybody.

The outdoorsman customer has a bunch to choose from in the 2022 Can-Am lineup. A new Camo Commander might be the coolest; however, a new Defender with three engine choices would be more practical.


Starting with the X3 line, the more powerful engine will grace nearly all models with a 200-horsepower number on the crankshaft dyno. To get that power to the ground, Can-Am has developed a new primary clutch they claim makes it a quick-response CVT using stainless steel rollers instead of sliders. Plus, they have added a belt-temp sensor to monitor it all.

The 2022 Can-Am lineup inludes 72 inch wide X3’s with a new color, more power, thicker frame and stronger lower A-arms. We had hoped for bigger improvement in the chassis, but something is better than nothing.
The Smart-Shox-equipped X3 returns with the improvements found on the other wider X3s. We tested this machine in the September issue, and it’s the top of the line. All it was lacking was good tires, and now it has them.
Maxxis Carnivores are taking over as the OEM tire of choice. It’s much more puncture-resistant and works better in almost every type of terrain. The old Big Horn was only good in the sand; this tire is not.

The non-Turbo RR model is limited to a sole unit, a 64-inch-wide Maverick X3 ds Turbo with 120 horsepower or Max Turbo. The two-seater is $19,999 and the family mobile is $22,999, so in total, there are nine 2-seat Turbo RRs and six 4-seaters to choose from with 200 horsepower. Smart-Lok is on all models with exclusive modes such as Rocks or Mud, depending if you’re getting the X rc or mr model. The standard X rs models get the Trail/Trail Active setting.  Prices start at $21,999 for the narrow, 200-horsepower Maverick X3 ds Turbo RR and top out at $33,099 for the 72-inch-wide, four-seat Maverick Max X rs Turbo RR  with Smart-Shox.  Shipping and prep fees are extra and could add another $1000 or more to the price tag.

You can still get into a turbo four-seat Maverick X3 Max for under $25,000. It comes with the 120-horsepower engine, which is plenty fast to see the whole family smile. These base DS models come with 30-inch tires, whereas the others come with 32s.
All of the radius rods attach to a thicker toe plate. The lower rods are stronger, and the middle rod now connects to a double-shear hub on the outside, fixing a known issue.
The two changes we were hoping for 2022 Can-Am lineup were a stronger steering box and a bolt-on skid plate instead of the rivets they use. On the good side, the DS will have extra ground clearance and better tires.


Some of the wide X rs models will now be shod with 32-inch-tall Maxxis Carnivore tires on the same 14-inch beadlock wheel. The wide RC will get 32-inch Maxxis Liberty tires. The other models get 30-inch ITP Cryptids or Carnivores. What’s strange is that none of the mud-specific X mr models are coming with the larger 32-inch-tall tires. However, they will all have a true mud tire in the ITP Cryptid.

Among all of the new accessories coming this year are full-aluminum doors with handles both inside and out. Windshield, roofs and cargo racks are popular purchases, too.


Can-Am claims they beefed up the frame by constructing it with steel tubing that is 30 percent thicker, which translates to 13 percent more rigidity. The lower A-arms up front and lower radius rod in the rear are both beefed up as well. Also, out back, the rear knuckle has a double-shear toe link and stronger radius-rod plate. We don’t know yet if they fixed the front bulkhead issue. The skid plate is still riveted on.

The most noticeable add-on might end up being the audio roof. Now there’s a $399 option to have it tilt up when you are parked so you can crank the tunes and keep the excitement going even on the side of the trail.


Starting back at the powerplant, the engine runs off a new 850-watt magneto that will help provide the extra voltage needed for the electronic shocks, cooling fans and other equipment you want to install later. Speaking of that, if you would rather listen to music on the trail instead of the exhaust note, they have come up with a $399.99 tilt kit for the $2549.99 audio roof to blast tunes as you ride down the trail. Then, if you want to blast that music when parked, you can do that, too, thanks to a prop feature.

You can expect the Commander to take over showroom space from the Maverick Sport. It’s now offered with a 700 or 1000R motor starting at less than the Maverick—$13,499 will get you started.
The Max Commander is now available in the XT-P trim package. It will have a tight cockpit for four passengers, but it should be able to go anywhere at $24,699.
For guys who like to go off trail and not be seen, the new Commander X mr can do it with a new high-mounted winch, snorkels and XPS Swamp Force tires.
The Maverick Trail DPS is now powered by a 52-horsepower 700 or 75-horsepower 1000 motor option. They are 50 inches wide to get you down the tightest trails. The base model with no DPS starts at $11,799.


After only a few months, Can-Am has already expanded the Commander lineup. New for 2022 are the Commander X mr, a Max XT-P, and a new 52 horsepower, 650cc power choice in the base DPS and XT editions. That smaller engine will save you $3100 on the base and $4200 in the XT. That engine is a single-cylinder 650cc engine with a new drive clutch. All chassis specs are the same as last year. The new X mr has all of the mud-fording features you would expect, such as high snorkels, a 4500-pound winch and Smart-Lok diff-lock. It’s only available in a two-seat configuration for $20,099. The new four-seat Commander Max XT-P sells for $24,699 and is a stretched version of the two-seater we tested earlier this year. Search www.utvactionmag.com for that review. The Maverick Sport line returns unchanged; although, we expect it to get updates for 2023.

We call the RC Maverick Sport a billy goat. It can get over any trail using a very small footprint. It’s powered by the 1000R Rotax V-twin, has Fox Podium shocks and the Smart-Lok front diff featuring rock-crawling mode.
The Defender line has new, more powerful engine choices. The HD500 is gone in trade for a HD7, HD9 or the HD10. The HD9 will cost $1700 more than the HD7 and $2400 less than the HD10.
The Defender Max is becoming the off-road people mover of choice these days. You can fix them up just like your pickup, with tires, wheels and lift kits that will definitely turn heads.
The big-bed option is available in the two-axle machine or on the 6×6 Defenders. Both are workhorses. You can get this two-axle version with an HVAC package starting at $28,399. The bed has a power-tilt assist.


Three power options are now available in the Defender line. On the base and DPS models you can choose from the HD7 (650cc, 52 horsepower), HD9 (976cc, 65 horsepower) or HD10 (976cc, 82 horsepower). So, with the HD model, you can get a Defender Max six-passenger rig for $13,399, which is only $600 more than the Polaris Ranger 570 Crew. On the other end of the spectrum Can-Am offers models for all climates and conditions. The HVAC two- and six-seaters return, as do the X mr, Defender Pro and Defender 6×6. In all, there are 18 different 2022 Can-Am Defender models to choose from, and that doesn’t include color options.

See UTV Action’s full test on the Defender HD10 here: 2020 CAN-AM DEFENDER HD10 – UTV Action Magazine

To configure exactly what Can-Am you are interested in, visit their website at www.can-am.brp.com.

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