Summer is almost over and kids are heading back to school. On the good side, parents can go shopping for the latest upgraded Polaris models including the 2022 Polaris RZR 200 EFI youth fun machine for riders 10 and up. The afternoons of this school year will be filled with back yard fun and the weekends packed with laps around the local ride area.

The new Polaris RZR 200 EFI gets dual A-arm front suspension and independent rear with 7-inches of travel.

   Polaris took everything we liked about the RZR170, dressed it up with Pro XP styling added to the Ride Control Technology plus added slightly more power. The motor gets bumped from 169cc to 180cc. Bigger news than that is new suspension underneath. It appears there are trailing arms in the rear with a swaybar. We can see a dual A-arms set up in the front which is a huge improvement. Seven inches of travel is now found instead of the five inches the older mini RZR’s had. With this frame change, the aftermarket and racing dads of the world are going to have A LOT more to improve and modify machines.

Furthermore, the machine now gets something called Helmet Aware Technology. So, in conjunction with Ride Control, the speed limiting software, it looks like the machine will know if your kid has a helmet on or not. This along with parent controlled speed limiting through the Ride Command App and Geo fencing, the overall experience will be safer. The 2022 Polaris RZR 200 EFI will have a starting MSRP of $5,899. 

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The specs show new suspension is under the machine. We can see that trailing arms and a swaybar are found out back which is a way bigger upgrade than 10cc in the engine. 2022 Polaris RZR 200 EFI $5,899
  • • Youth RIDE CONTROL – Allows parents to control speed and set boundaries right from the RIDE COMMAND app, all while helping kids grow into the sport and increase their skill level. 
    • Helmet Aware Technology – Ability to pre-set the vehicle’s controls when the Helmet Aware beacon is in and/or out of vehicle display range, preventing the vehicle from starting without helmets being worn.
    • Speed Limiting – Enables kids to ride at the appropriate speed for their age, experience and terrain. Max speed can easily be set right from the RIDE COMMAND app.
    • Geofencing – Helps keep kids in parameters by quickly setting and controlling ride boundaries and speed limits within and outside of the geofenced area.
  • Functional Display – Riders can clearly see their speed behind the wheel, while allowing parents to track speed when not in sight.
  • Helmets Included – RZR 200 EFI comes with two helmets and one Helmet Aware beacon.
  • 180cc EFI Engine – Gives kids the power they need to manage varying terrain without falling behind and eliminates the engine choke for confident cold-starts.
  • Improved Off-Road Capability – Front dual A-arms, front and rear independent suspension with seven inches of travel, 24-inch tires and ten inches of ground clearance provide more capability to manage rocks and ruts, keeping the ride smooth and the machine moving.
  • Adjustable Seat and Tilt Steering – The driver’s seat slides and the steering wheel tilts to adjust to riders as they grow.
  • Standard Hard Doors – Allows kids to have the time of their lives while keeping them in and everything else out.
  • LED Headlights and Taillights – Improves rider visibility in low-light conditions to extend the day of riding and makes the vehicle more visible to others on the trail. Also equipped with a high-visibility flag.
  • Full-Line of Accessories – Add comfort and increased protection with front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, half and full windshield, roof, rear storage bag and Pro Armor wheels and tires.

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