2023 CAN-AMs

Small changes to a huge lineup

2023 CAN-AMs

Can-Am has always been about going big; however, with supply-chain issues still a factor, changes to the new model lineup for 2023 are rather small. And yet, going bigger is still the theme of the changes for the 2023 Can-Ams. The Maverick X3 DS gets more power, and several utility machines in the Defender line get new rubber, front A-arms and a 2-inch wheel-travel increase. Those models and the Commander line will be available in new colors that will most likely stand out.

2023 CAN-AMs
Can-Am’s lowest-cost Maverick X3 now has 135 horsepower thanks to an upgraded turbo and bigger fuel injectors. It is priced ($21,599) less than Yamaha’s ($21,899), Honda’s ($21,099, 2022 model) and Polaris’ ($21,899) 2023 non-turbo machines.


2023 CAN-AMs
At $21,599, the Maverick X3 X DS is affordable as far as turbo machines go. However, we wish Can-Am would bring back the naturally aspirated 900 H.O. as a price-point machine. It was a great machine for people new to the sport or for those who didn’t need over 100 horsepower.



For the X3 line, the 64-inch-wide, entry-level Maverick X3 DS and X3 DS Max received a horsepower boost of 15 wild ponies for a brochure reading of 135 horsepower. The Rotax engineers did this by pushing more boost out of the turbocharger and more fuel through larger injectors, the same ones found on the Turbo RR. All models of the Turbo RR will have the CVT belt temperature gauge as standard equipment. Top-of-the-line X3s will have a new feature that sends an audible warning at 167 and 176 degrees, telling you to back it down to cool the belt or else.

A new Catalyst Gray color also highlights the changes to the 135-horsepower Maverick X3 DS Turbo. While this is the lowest-priced X3 you can buy, it now comes with a $21,599 price tag. We think it’s time for Can-Am to bring back the non-turbo Rotax ACE 900 H.O. as a sub-$20,000 offering. Until then, the rest of the X3 line will return with nine turbocharged versions of the two-seat X3—from a 64-inch, 200-horsepower Turbo RR up to 6 four-seat Max offerings, topping out with the $35,399 Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR with Smart-Shox. You will find the new Catalyst Gray, Mineral Gray and Desert Tan colors on a handful of the 2023 models.

2023 CAN-AMs
New colors are found across all SSV lines from Can-Am. The new Desert Tan color is getting popular and doesn’t get any dirtier when you start riding. The Can-Am accessory line is over the top as well.


2023 CAN-AMs
The four-seat Maverick X3 X DS also received the power upgrades for the new year. The 135 horsepower is plenty of juice to thrill your family down a clear trail. We expect top speed to be right at 75 mph.



To allow for larger tires, arched A-arms are now standard equipment on the following packages: DPS CAB, Limited, Lone Star and X mr. According to Can-Am, “These combined updates allow riders to push farther and harder into rougher terrain to get the job done with increased comfort.” Can-Am claims these arms offer 2 more inches of wheel travel.

There are also three new tire specs across the Defender lineup for increased traction and performance. Thirty-inch XPS Swamp Force tires are now standard equipment on the Defender X mr HD10. XPS Trail King tires are now standard on all Defender DPS HD10 and Defender XT HD10 packages. Thirty-inch XPS Trail Force tires are now standard equipment for the 65-inch-wide Defender Limited HD10, Pro, Pro Limited and Defender Lone Star HD10.

As for new color variations, you will find Desert Tan, Liquid Titanium and Stone Gray, along with the usual favorites. Finally, the Defender X mr is now available with half doors, and the half doors can also be purchased as an accessory for all Defenders.

If you have little ones in your Can-Am family, you can surprise them this Christmas (October release) with a few new offerings in the youth ATV line, including this pint-sized 70cc or two, larger 110cc Renegades. No, they are not 4WD.


Full doors grace a few of the full- and open-cab Defenders. They add a bit of color and can be added to older Defenders as an accessory as well.



Can-Am announced that Rotax E-Power will be a new name going forward, with all-new electric vehicles set to come out. The first offering will be a pair of electric, two-wheeled motorcycles—another first for Can-Am, although the company used to offer Can-Am dirt bikes back in the 1970s.

Finally, if you have any youth riders in the family, you will be happy to know that Can-Am will be releasing (October) three new EFI-equipped Renegade youth ATVs—a 70, 110 and the Renegade X Xc 110. See you on the trails.

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