The 2023 running of the Can-Am Hammers Championship, the UTV race of King Of The Hammers is in the books. Multi time winner Kyle Chaney took the lead from Bryce Menzies shortly after lap one . From there, Chaney pulled out a big lead navigating through the rock trails with Phil Blurton and Dustin Jones in tow.  Once the group got deep into Sledge Hammer, Cole Clark in a single seat RZR and Phil Blurton were was able to get around Jones. By this time, Chaney had built a 30 minute lead and was already through the rock sections and headed back to the last fast section towards the finish. At the end of the day, it was Chaney taking his third win in a row for Can-Am.

Here is the order as they came to the finish line of the 2023 Can-Am Hammers Championship.

  1. Kyle Chaney, Can-Am X3 (Pro Stock Turbo)-Yokohama Tires **3 Wins in a row**
  2. Phil Blurton, Can-Am X3 (Pro Mod)-BFG Tires
  3. Cole Clark, Polaris RZR XPT (Pro Mod)-Maxxis Tires
  4. Dustin Jones, Can-Am X3 (Pro Mod)-Maxxis Tires
  5. Hunter Miller, Can-Am X3(Pro Stock Turbo)-Maxxis Tires
  6. Travis Zollinger, Can-Am X3 (Pro Mod)-BFG Tires
  7. Cody Miller, Can-Am X3(Pro Stock Turbo)-Maxxis Tires
  8. Jay Shaw, Can-Am X3(Pro Mod)-Maxxis Tires
  9. Robert Parker, Can-Am X3(Pro Mod)-Maxxis Tires. **Rookie**
  10. Casey Currie, Polaris RZR Pro R (Open UTV)-Nitto Tires



Open UTV

  1. Casey Currie, Polaris RZR Pro R
  2. Shanon Campbell
  3. Micheal Lee
  4. Ronald Beck
  5. Trey Price
  6. Joe Gould

Pro Mod UTV

  1. Phil Blurton, Can-Am X3
  2. Cole Clark
  3. Dustin Jones
  4. Travis Zollinger
  5. Jay Shaw
  6. Robert Parker **Rookie**
  7. Terry Madden
  8. Cameron Steele
  9. Dennis Durmas
  10. Ronnie Anderson


Pro Stock N/A UTV

  1. Kyle Anderson, Yamaha RMAX 2 1000
  2. AJ Hoover

Pro Stock Turbo UTV

  1. Kyle Chaney, Can-Am X3
  2. Hunter Miller
  3. Cody Miller
  4. Brian Deegan
  5. David Dzida
  6. William Martin
  7. Luis Gonzale
  8. Bryan Suratt
  9. Jason Weller
  10. Ben Cahill **Rookie**

Sportsman Stock UTV

  1. Brian Tilton

2. Hubert Rowland

KOH Qualifying times

4900-Open UTV

RJ Anderson

Casey Currie

Jeff Martin

Mark Welch

CJ Greaves

Michael Lee

Shannon Campbell

Bryce Menzies

Joe Gould

Billy Slade

Ronald Beck

4900-Pro Mod UTV

Cody Martin

Adam Fitza

Jake Versey

Phil Blurton

Robert Johnson

John Caughey

Dustin Robbins

Jake Godfrey

Tyler Remmereid

Kyle Taggart

Dustin Jones

Patrick Murray

Travis Zollinger

Jay Shaw

Dan Wyrick

Josh Smith

Johnny Greaves

Justin Barth

Zack Pollard

Cole Clark

Jamie McCoy

Cody Olson

Christopher Amburgey

Nelson Sparks

Kory Wills

Tyler Parks

Mike Park

Payton Isbell

Dennis Durmas

Tyler Thomas

Kyle Cahill

Michael Mellen

Rodney VanEperen

Troy Shipman

Ronnie Anderson

James Cantrell

4900-Pro Stock N/A UTV 8:00am

AJ Hoover

Anthony Yount 

Martin Duffy 

Tim Moynagh 

Kyle Anderson 

4900-Pro Stock Turbo UTV 8:00-10:00

Tristan Gonzalez

Aaron Clark

Bryan Hamby

Adam Marx

Luis Gonzalez

Sara Price

Ben Jones

Paul Krout

Chris May

David Dzida

Josh Owen

Cody Miller

Hunter Miller

Scott Webster

Matthew Jeffery

Jason Weller

Todd Remmereid

Cody Willerborg

Ben Collier

Hubert Rowland

Davis Ainsworth

Philon Parpottas

Stephen Beal

Kyle Chaney

Brian Tilton

Brian Deegan

Rich Bersch

Caveman Anderson

William martin

Michael Adams

Rusland Yankilevich

Bryon Staratt

Robert Moen

Chris Johnson

John Carnevale

Bed Cahill

Casey Peoples

Robby Gordon



Cole Clark, Polaris RZR

Dustin Jones, Can-Am X3

Phil Blurton, Can-Am X3

Travis Zollinger, Can-Am X3

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