The Can-Am UTV Championships portion of the 2024 Progressive King Of The Hammers takes place on Thursday February 1st in Johnson Valley, California. Monday, the five UTV classes qualified on a brute 2.5 mile loop starting in Hammertown on the short course, traversing around Means Butte down Resolution with the choice of hitting the Back Door or not, then back into town. Over 100 UTVs are signed up and below are the results from the top drivers in qualifying for Thursdays Can-Am Hammers Championship UTV “Rock Race”.  Your qualifying results regardless of class is your starting order for the main event on Thursday.

OVERALL Fastest qualifiers

Kyle Chaney, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Ronnie Anderson, Open , Polaris

Cole Clark, Pro Mod, Polaris

Nathan Parker, Pro Stock Turbo, Can-Am

Phil Blurton, Pro Mod, Can-Am

CJ Greaves, Open , Polaris

Travis Zollinger, Open, Can-Am

Brock Heger, Pro Stock Turbo, Polaris,

Todd Beckett, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Cody Miller, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Tyler Remmeried, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Johnny Greaves, Open, Polaris

Ron Clark, Pro Mod

Karson Atkins, Pro Mod, Yamaha

Matt Zieler, Pro Mod

Dustin Robbins, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Jay Shaw, Can-Am, Pro Mod

Tyler Gibbs, Can-Am, Pro Mod

Josh Smith, Open, Can-Am

Robert Liebel, Open

Chris Johnson, Pro Stock Turbo,

Mitch Guthrie Jr., Open, Polaris

Terry Madden, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Bryce Menzies, Open, Polaris

Dustin Jones, Pro Stock Turbo, Can-Am

Nick Anderson, Pro Mod

Brian Deegan, Pro Stock Turbo

Jeremy McGrath, Pro Mod, Kawasaki

Mark Welch, Open,

Cameron Steele, Pro Mod, Can-Am

Zach Szymik, Sportsman Stock, Can-Am

Seven Carter, Pro Stock Turbo

Tony Palarie, Pro Mod

Michael Lee, Open

Aaron Lynch, Pro Stock Turbo

Kyle Park, Open

Robby Gordon, Pro Stock Turbo, Speed

Jacob Shade, Open

Jeff Martin, Open

Chris Amburgey, Pro Mod

Zack Pollard, Pro Mod

Dan Wyrick, Pro Mod

Chris Corbin, Open

Cody Willenborg, Open

Eric Wichs, Pro Stock Turbo

Mathew Walraven, Pro Mod

Kyle Stercay, Open

Rich Bersch, Open

John Seaman, Pro Mod

Max Gordon, Pro Stock Turbo, Speed UTV

Bryce Sparks, Open

Dylan Heiser, Pro Mod

Hunter Miller, Pro Mod, can-Am

Bryan Hamby, Open

David Johnson, Pro Stock Turbo

Tony Ramos, Open

Dean Leal, Pro Mod

Stephan Rogers, Pro Mod

Anthony Yount, Pro Stock N/A, Honda

Jon Schaffer, Pro Mod

Kyle Smith, Pro Mod

Jeff Bauckman, Open

Travis, Forshee, Pro Mod

Tristan Gonzalez, Pro Stock Turbo

Aaron Henry, Pro Mod

Nathan Slayer, Pro Stock Turbo

Justin Barth, Pro Stock Turbo

Trent Roberts, Pro Stock Turbo

Tyler Parks, Pro Mod

Perry Mahanay, Pro Stock Turbo

Luis Gonzalaez, Pro Stock Turbo

Matt Wilson, Pro Stock Turbo

Andrew Straatmann, Sportsman Stock

Brian Tilton, Pro Mod

Mark McCleerey, Pro Stock UTV

John Carnelvale, Pro Stock Turbo

Briana Reid, Pro Stock Turbo

Alan Burton, Pro Mod

Alvin Hoover, Pro Stock N/A

Ben Jones, Pro Stock

Anthony Baker, Pro Mod

Matthew Jeffrey, Pro Stock Turbo

Kurtis, Morris, Pro Stock N/A

Michael Garcia, Pro Mod

Kory Willis, Pro Mod

Tim Moynagh, Pro Stock N/A

Mitchell Allsup, Pro Stock Turbo, Can-Am

Michael Carpenter, Open

Caveman Anderson, Pro Stock Turbo

Jeffrey, Donda, Open

Paul Wolff, Open

Todd Remmereid, Pro Stock Turbo



Here is the entry list for the 2024 Progressive King Of The Hammers UTV race.

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