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Slick Products is all about cleaning and shining our off-road and even on-road investments with quicker, easier and safer solutions to fight dirt and grime. Slick Products Off-Road Wash won the 2009 SEMA Global Media Award and is the official cleaner of Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki. Slick has assembled several of its cleaning products into handy wash kits, and we got to try Slick’s UTV/ATV Wash Kit and two of Slick’s three cleaning-foam delivery systems on our fleet of UTVs.

Here, we purposely missed a spot on our 2018 Can-Am X3 Turbo to illustrate the brilliant shine you get with Slick’s Shine & Protectant spray.


The Slick Products UTV/ATV Wash Kit is designed to clean, shine and protect UTVs in three easy steps with the help of Slick’s delivery systems: the pressure-washer foam cannon ($49.99), garden-hose foam gun ($44.99) or hand-pump foam sprayer ($39.99). Step one is attacking dirt and mud with Off-Road Wash concentrate or Wash & Wax and water. Step two is targeting grime with the Slick Cleaner and Degreaser, while step three is to buff out and protect plastic, vinyl and rubber with Shine & Protectant. These products are formulated to quickly and easily clean without stripping lubrication from bearings or harming chrome, metal or painted surfaces.


The UTV/ATV Wash Kit includes one 32-ounce Off-Road Wash Concentrate, one 32-ounce Cleaner & Degreaser with spray nozzle, one 13-ounce Shine & Protectant aerosol can, one scrub brush, one wash mitt and two microfiber towels. We also used the garden hose foam gun for applying the Off-Road Wash. The foam gun is mostly plastic and nylon with brass fittings for attaching to any garden hose. We have also tried Slick’s hand-pump sprayer with success.


Anyone who gets his or her UTV dirty will want the UTV/ATV Wash Kit and either the garden-hose foam gun or hand-pump foam sprayer. If you have a power washer, then go with the Foam Cannon.


Our 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo has been sitting outside for 1.5 years and was muddy from recent rides after monsoons. We put the garden-hose foam gun together in seconds and filled it to the indicator line with Off-Road Wash and the rest of the way with water. The foam gun has a dial on the top that lets the user adjust how much water from the hose dilutes the concentrate. Going by section, we applied the foam concentrate, then brushed each area to remove dirt and grime. Then we rinsed the UTV off and hit any remaining grime with Cleaner & Degreaser. Last, we applied the new Shine & Protectant to the black plastic that had been faded to grey, then buffed each area with the microfiber towels. The results were amazing!


After one session with the Slick Wash Kit and foam gun, our ridden-hard-and-put-away-wet X3 looks brand new, except for the heavy scratches in the plastic. The Shine & Protectant was especially effective and gave our UTV a like-new look. We also applied it to a 12-year-old KLX450R, and the green faded plastic now has its original color and shine again. The Off-Road Wash, Wash & Wax and Cleaner & Degreaser all do a great job with very little elbow grease involved, but the Shine & Protectant is the most effective and impressive product in the UTV/ATV Wash Kit. Also, you get free shipping with any order over $100, as the UTV Wash Kit and foam gun are $129.99 online (offer for the 48 states only).

CONTACT:, (855) 754-2501.

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $85, UTV Wash Kit; $44.99, Garden-Hose Foam Gun; $14.99, 13-ounce Shine & Protectant.

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