— Tow rigs of UTV Action readers —

How do you haul your UTV? Flat bed trailer, enclosed trailer, or in the back of your truck? Or, do you tow it with your car? There are many different ways and what ever works for you is fine as long as it gets the job done. Check out the photos below and see 25 examples of how UTV owners transport their machines.



Alex Vasquez




Kyle Hagan



Noah Everett


Gil Beynon


Homer Hosner



Brian Rhodes


Chuck Metcalf


Erik Foreman


Houston Klotz


Eric Crane

Steve Slater


Mark Jaspersen

Steve Smith

Ryan Few

Tim Maddocks

Mark Miller

Pat Carrigan

Jeremy Realmuto

Dave Ray

Jeremy Walker

Randall Wright

Jonathan Pfister

Jason Glab

Ronald Baker

Kevin McGuire

This is part one of this readers’ tow rig feature. Next month we’ll do part two. So, send us some good photos and information about your machine and tow rig. E-mail it to [email protected] 

If you need to haul your ATV across the US or find that you need to take it with you overseas, get a quote from A-1 Auto Transport inc and save yourself the trouble of figuring out how to do it yourself.

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