4 WHEEL KTM COMING TO THE U.S. Is the Off Road Version Next?

According to our sister publication, Motocross Action Magazine, the spectacular, revolutionary, lightweight super sports car from Austria, the four wheel, KTM X-Bow (pronounced Cross-Bow) is finally set to arrive in the United States soon. It will use an Audi-powered, 300-horsepower mounted in 1750-pound light chassis. The track-day weapon will be sold in the United States for the 2018-2019 season.

X-Bow GT4

   Wether they will make a street legal version to go after the Can-Am Spyder market or the potential Polaris Slingshot buyers is still unknown. No matter what, the fact that four wheeled KTM machines will be hitting the U.S. shores is a good sign that they are serious looking at the U.S. for more than just motorcycle sales. Additionally, KTM recently announced they were doing a joint venture with CF Moto on a new manufacturing facility big enough to build larger machines on a massive scale. Read about that HERE.

Audi 6-speed transmission

While these four wheel vehicles look impressive, their 300 HP Audi motor with 6-speed gear box is actually a a full 2 liters which is more than double size but not double the HP of a current turbo charged UTV. None the less, we always get excited to see KTM colors with four wheels under it. See the specs of the four X-Bow models at https://www.ktm.com/x-bow


X-Bow RR





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