5 Essential Safety Gear You Should Invest In Before Heading For The Circle Track

A circle track is nothing less than a battleground. You know that the chances of you getting hurt are high, but still, you go for it with courage and enthusiasm. However, unlike a real battleground, you can keep yourself safe in this race track with some substantial and easy to implement safety considerations.

By using the right safety gear, you can prevent sustaining severe injuries and burns that are likely to happen on the circle track.

Here is your guide to the essential safety gear for circle track:

  • Driver’s Suit 

A driver’s suit, also known as a fire suit, is the most essential safety gear for a race track. Get an SFI certified fire suit to ensure your safety while racing.

The SFI designation for the fire suit is 3.2A, however, there are additional levels that determine the safety of the driver’s suit. For instance, an SFI 3.2 A/1 driver’s suit offers safety against second-degree burns for three seconds in a gasoline-fueled fire, whereas an SFI 3.2 A/3 offers protection for seven seconds and SFI 3.2 A/5 offers protection for 10 seconds. Similarly, there are SFI 3.2 A/10, 15, and 20 driver’s suits that protect you against the same gasoline-fueled fire for 19, 30, and 40 seconds respectively.

While buying the driver’s suit consider the levels of SFI designation and get the safest one.

  • Helmet 

A helmet isn’t just necessary for bike or quad riding. It is indeed one of the most important circle track accessories that provide optimum protection against severe injuries.

Buy a helmet with “SA” certification determined by Snell Foundation. The latest certification is SA 2010 and hence, you shouldn’t buy anything without this specification.

Although risky, several tracks allow their racers to race in Snell “M” helmets. You shouldn’t compromise on your safety and race in a full face Snell “SA” rated helmet.

  • Gloves 

Some racers overlook the importance of wearing certified gloves while racing on a circle track but it makes them vulnerable to receiving serious burn injuries.  Buy SFI rated fire retardant gloves with leather palms and Novex backing for optimum protection. You can also opt for suede as it helps in attaining a better grip on the steering wheel.

  • Shoes

Special racing shoes are important because apart from offering protection against burns and other injuries, they make you comfortable in the narrow foot box of the race car. Generally, race cars have very small pedals. Racing shoes help you get a good grip over the pedal and facilitate control.

Talking from the safety point of view, in the majority of the accidents fires originate in the engine. And, as your feet are the closest to the engine compartment, they receive severe burns. Moreover, your legs are the last organs to get out of the burning car and so, they need good protection.

Make sure you wear good quality fire retardant racing shoes while racing on the circle track.

  • Head and neck restraints 

Accidents are very common on a racing track, and when a car hits the wall at a right angle, it causes severe neck and back injuries and in some cases, even death. This makes wearing head and neck restraints very important on the racing track.

Invest in the best quality head and neck restraints.

  • Safety harness

A safety harness is another important circle track safety accessory. Get an SFI-certified harness with a 16.5 SFI rating. You can either get a six or seven-point harness as per your choice and the need.

The bottom line

Although adventurous, circle track racing is one of the most dangerous racing sports. If you are inclined towards this car racing sport, ensure your safety with these certified circle track safety accessories.

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