5 Garage Tools Every New UTV Owner Needs To Know About

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

After the first RZR XP came out we started searching for taller jacks, We tried ones with off road wheels and ones with extensions on the lifting platform, the Pro Eagle Off Road Jack has it all. If you want or have the need to lift more than one corner of your car at a time, the Pro Eagle Jack can do it. With a standard floor jack, you would be lucky to get halfway through the travel on some of todays long travel cars. Plus the Pro Eagle Off Road Jack works great in the sand and is strong enough to lift your pick up.

Push Pin Pliers


If you are new to UTVs and have never owned an ATV before, you might not be familiar with push pins. They are the little plastic pins that hold parts of the body together. We have been using the same pair of push pin pliers from Harbor Freight for years and have avoided countless bloody knuckles.

Bearing Greaser

Most UTVs have sealed wheel bearings that are fairly expensive and can’t be repacked by hand like an automotive wheel bearing can. Machined Integrations has come up with a brilliant way for you to add grease to old sealed bearing. The tool inserts into your bearing and through small ports and channels allows you to pump grease in. MI’s latest grease tool allows you to leave the axle in place and slide the tool over it and go to work. It’s simple and effective. You need one.

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

The first time you do any kind of service on your axles, you will learn. No matter if it’s a simple boot repair or a complete half shaft rebuild, CV grease gets everywhere. And the better quality the grease, the worse the mess is. Trust us, buy a box of any Nitrile gloves and you will thanks us. These custom logo gloves we use are from Brand It Glove Co.

CV Boot Clamp Tool

Don’t wait until your first R&R job on a CV boot to search for one of these. Not having a proper clamp tool could spoil a planned weekend ride. Some CV Boots won’t accept a hose clamp as a temporary replacement so be warned. EPI  sells a few different types of clamp and clutch tools that you will need in the near future.

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