Make it back home safe

It has happened and will happen again, people have had to spend the night in the woods or desert in their UTV waiting for help to arrive. We are firm believers that if you bring it with you, you wont have a use for it. It’s the time you leave that spare part or tool at home, is the time it’s needed. No matter what, it’s better to be prepared. We have put together a small list of items that are easy to pack and carry with you that will help survive a night stranded on the trail. Even if you don’t get stranded, these products will come in handy someday soon.


   Any small jumper box is a good idea to keep in your rig anytime. Most of them are equipped with a small LED flashlight. Scosche’s $150 400A Torch is more flashlight with the ability to jump start your car. The spark from arching the two leads together can also help start a campfire if needed. Contact Scosche at www.scosche.com


  If they are good enough for our military, and wild land fire fighters to eat, they are good enough for you. In fact, today’s military and civilian MRE’s are tasty, have a ton of calories and are very filling. The packaging is completely waterproof and durable enough to sit under your seat or in the glove box for months before using. See www.mreinfo.com


This $40 device clamps to your exhaust pipe and can heat all types of items, like, stew, hot pockets, gas station burritos, tamales and more. The harder you ride, the faster it cooks. Originally developed for snowmobilers, the Muff Pot is great for UTV adventures too. Buy at www.muffpots.com


Not only is a quality UTV cover good to have at home, when your not using the UTV, they could come in very handy on the trail too. If stranded overnight you can climb in your covered UTV to stay out of the elements or wrap it around you for even more warmth. Additionally a good cover is useful as a ground tarp, for laying in the dirt while working on your machine. There are many options available from $50-$100 through www.denniskirk.com


   The RLINK is a tracking device that plugs into your vehicle electronics and sends a signal of your whereabouts to whoever you have notified before hand. Family back home can track your ride almost instantly and alert search and rescue if needed. RLINK now interfaces with the REVER  App and the two companies are adding to the list of features that both products provide. The RLINK sells for $299 and requires the $9.99 per month REVER subscription. Look for a test of the RLINK in an upcoming issue. Visit www.rlink.com or www.rever.com

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