5 Must-Do Maintenance Steps To Extend The Life of Your UTV


Have you recently invested in a UTV, or are you thinking about getting one? Nowadays, choosing one of the numerous existing types of UTVs can be as much fun as picking a game from a wide selection at a live casino Canada. However, you should know that, like any off-road vehicle, it requires plenty of care. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep your UTV in the best shape possible to enjoy your next off-road trip.

Change The Oil

Changing the oil of your UTV every month is essential to keep your side-by-side purring and roaring. Oil lubricates your engine, and it helps prevent overheating by letting the various parts of the engine do their job without gripping.


If you want to change your oil yourself, you may have to pull the lever lift to the side of the cargo bed, depending on the model. After that, you can access the engine oil dipstick, which you can remove. You may also have to remove the right rear panel in front of the passenger seat and use a bin to collect the old oil below the UTV. Don’t overfill the reservoir to avoid overheating.

Check The Coolant Level

The coolant liquid helps the engine stay at a reasonable temperature, and like oil, it should be changed monthly. You can still drive for a couple of days with a low level of coolant, but it will have to be changed afterwards.


Insufficient coolant in your UTV can cause irreversible damage to your engine, and the vehicle can become useless for good. Some parts can be destroyed, and it can cost you a lot.

Wash Your UTV

You should keep your UTV clean, mainly because no one likes to drive a filthy vehicle. However, not washing your UTV can also have dire consequences, such as rust on your engine or less effective suspensions.


There are specialized cleaning solutions for UTVs, but you can also use a garden hose or a pressure washer for the outside. Remember to dry out the vehicle after washing it to avoid rust.

Kawasaki’s KRX1000 eS system has a page to display KECS shock settings OTF, plus it displays power and KECS mode, gear, speed, time, and a large fuel-bar icon.

Know The Limits of Your UTV

Each UTV model offers different specs, and you need to choose the suitable model depending on your use of it. Some models will work better on the sand, while others are designed for muddy roads.


Still, you can install mods on your UTV to make it even more efficient on selected terrain. The best mods include clutch kits, air intake filters, and power packages. Clutch kits offer more longevity, speed, and power than stock kits for muddy off-road driving.


A better intake filter is essential for off-roading since insufficient air in your engine makes it struggle to reach its peak performance. Power packages will also help boost performance.

Drive Safely

Even if UTVs offer a cockpit, it’s not a car, and you should wear protective gear such as helmets when driving. Moreover, driving recklessly is incredibly dangerous, as off-road driving often comes with uncharted terrains and dangerous cliffs. And as much as you may enjoy playing games at a live casino Canada on your phone, this must wait for after the drive. Safety is paramount!



Now you know how to take full care of your UTV to enjoy your muddy rides. Just like your pick-up truck or your house, it must be kept clean and changing oil and coolant is vital to keep having off-road adventures for a long time.


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