5 Safety Tips for Driving Your UTV At Night

For true thrill-seekers, heading out on the UTV trail after the sun goes down can’t be beaten. The adrenaline rush of riding at night can’t be denied, but neither can the increased risk of danger. The risk may equal thrills for some, but most responsible UTV riders know that the only thing that makes a day on the trail epic is getting home safely.

If you choose to ride the trails at night, there are certain dangers that need to be considered. Keeping yourself, your passengers, and your UTV safe needs to be a priority. Taking the time to prepare for a night ride is the best way to stay safe on the trail.

Night riding can be a thrill, but it’s only truly fun when you take the right safety precautions. Whether you start by purchasing an LED accent light kit or extra gear to protect you in case you run into trouble, you need to be proactive about your safety when you ride your UTV in the dark. Let’s look at a few safety tips for riding your UTV at night.


There are two parts to trail visibility that are important when riding at night. First, you need to be able to see the trail and any hazards that may come up in front of you. Second, you want to be able to be seen by your other trail riders and any other traffic that you may encounter. Not being visible to other riders can put you in danger of an unexpected collision. Outfitting your UTV with the right night lighting in regards to your headlamps is essential to being able to stay on the trail. Increasing your visibility to other riders can be accomplished by adding an LED light kit to your UTV.

Wear the Right Gear

Your priority on the trail at any time of the day should be protected. The right helmet, jacket, boots, and googles can help you to defend your body when you are on the trail. Night riding can put you in more danger of getting raked by branches that are harder to see, making it critical to wear the right clothing including an armored riding jacket. Keep in mind that gloves and pants will also help to keep you warmer when the temperatures drop after dusk.

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Buddy System

With the reduced visibility at night, it only takes a second to lose track of the other members of your party. It’s never a good idea to hit the UTV trail alone at night. When you set out after dark, creating a buddy system is essential to staying safe. Keep a buddy with you on the trail in case either one of you runs into trouble.

Stay Aware

Your field of vision is incredibly reduced when you ride at night. Hazards can pop up much faster at night than during the day. Always keep to established trails that are known to you when riding at night. The worst situation you can get in is to get lost at night without the ability to track your way back out using visible landmarks.

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Stay Sober

Sadly, thousands of UTV-related accidents and fatalities happen every year due to drinking and driving. If you want to make the most out of your ride, keep the beers in the cooler to be enjoyed after you get off the trail.

UTV adventures are a great way to spend time outdoors enjoying your friends and family. Staying safe should always be a priority for those that truly love the sport. Follow these tips to help you stay safe on your UTV night rides.

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