We like the versatility of today’s UTV’s. Multiple seats, capable 4WD systems, great suspension and ample storage are very attractive features to adventurous off roaders. The cargo area of some machines are just perfect enough to bring along man’s best friends; his dog and and in some cases, his cooler.  So building a better barrier for the constant rising heat through the bed floor is very necessary. Before your next riding trip we wanted to share a few ways you can protect your best friends from heat.


  1. RAZORBACK has the most vehicle and issue specific product out there. Their Ruff Rider padded heat shield blocks heat and gives your precious cargo extra padding to lay on. RAZORBACK claims the product reduces bed temperatures a full 50 degrees where it counts. The top pad is made of 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric that is rip, tear, soil and stain resistant. RBO has pads for the Polaris Generals,  RZR 1000s, XPT, RZR S 900 and 1000’s, Can-Am Maverick Sport/Trail and the CF Moto ZForce. Price: $99-$119. RBO also has plenty of other cargo accessories for these same models. Call them directly at (208) 696-7230 and tell them UTV Action Magazine sent you.. 

2. DEI has a DIY solution that can work with any make or model. Their Heat Screen is made of Mylar laminated to a glass fiber matting backed with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive for easy peel and stick application. It’s designed to protect against up to 1200°F direct heat, or up to 2000°F radiant.  So if applied to the underside of your UTV’s bed in conjunction with any OEM heat shielding, it will cool it considerably. Simply cut and trim to cover body panels and other areas requiring thermal protection.  Measuring only .060 inches in thickness, this versatile, thin profile reflective material adheres quickly and easily to any surface, even or uneven, painted or unpainted.

Heat Screen is available in options of five square feet, 36” x 20” ($58.20), or 10 square feet, 36” x 40” ($126.74).  Visit www.DesignEngineering.com, or call 800-264-9472.


3. The Geiser Performance Heat Shield mounts under the Can-Am Maverick X3  bed to reduce the heat coming up from the engine. The Geiser team did extensive testing to prove it will save your ice a little longer. However, more modifications would be needed to haul pets on an X3 cargo tray. Includes all required hardware. PRICE: $53.95. Call (602) 777-1237 and tell them UTV Action Magazine sent you. 


4. Whether you are carrying cargo or not, you should be carrying some sort of fire extinguisher product like Assault’s Quick Release Kit.  An interesting product we discovered lately, highly used in the RV industry, that can work great in your UTV as well. Called, ProTeng, the tube can be wrapped and routed above your engine, below the bed and zip tied in place. In the event of fire and heat above 300-degrees, the tube melts and releases a FM 200 gas to instantly extinguish the flames. Smaller sizes are available for battery/electrical compartments.  Prices are $99 for the smaller size and $499 for the six footer. Contact (941) 787-0823 or www.proteng.com 


5. MoraMoto offers rear bed mats for a large number of the SXS/UTV units on the market. Their testing with the Textron/Arctic Cat Wildcat XX showed a 40+ degree drop in temps with the mat kit installed in the bed using a Snap-on infrared thermal tool.  For custom bed only kits, pricing depends on the unit as the amount of material used changes per bed size. The unique thing is that they offer them in numerous colors so you can match the colors of your ride. Complete Moramoto UTV kits sell for $479.99-$799.99 through any Tucker dealer.  Or call directly to (877) 254-1145 or visit, www.moramoto.com.



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