Has the lure of Baja piqued your interest? If the answer is yes, we want to tell you about one of the simplest ways to satisfy your curiosity. We’ve been traveling south of the border for decades, and one of the best ways to take in its beauty is by being a part of an off-road tour. One particular tour company, Go Baja Riding Tours, has been guiding folks down south for over 25 years.


Go Baja has UTV, dirt bike and mixed tours, from small four-day adventures to the 7 day Cabo UTV tour from Ensenada in northern Baja to Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip. ATV riders can come, too, but you would have to bring your own machine.

Cabo UTV Tour

Four-day, northern Baja trips start at $2295 per person with food, rental UTV, and all gas and hotels included. So, all you have to do is get yourself to San Diego, then they take care of the rest. Transportation, border crossing, meals, hotels and, of course, the ride are all handled. If you have your own UTV or dirt bike and would like to bring it, that can be facilitated as well (and the price per trip drops by about $1000). Because the seven-day Cabo trip is one way, you can fly back home. Arrive-and-drive prices are $4495 per person with two people in each UTV. Also, if you want to take your own vehicle, it will be transported back to Ensenada or San Diego for you in just a few days.

Cabo UTV Tour
With Go Baja, you can bring your own UTV or rent one of theirs. Bringing your own will save you about $1000 on the price of the trip.
Cabo UTV Tour
Our trip to Cabo San Lucas was a mix of bikes and buggies. Private and custom tours are available for the Cabo or northern Baja runs as well.

The tour itself takes you on some of the more scenic and smoother portions of the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 racecourses. So,, if you time your tour dates right, you can even run the marked racecourse and possibly watch some of the action on race day. Want more action? Race packages can be arranged in a UTV or on a dirt bike if you are up to the challenge. It’s actually a good way to compete if you don’t have the team and support crew to handle such a big race. But, take it from us, taking a tour allows you to see much more of Baja and is way easier on your bank account.

Cabo UTV Tour
Go Baja Tour customers pose for the camera at a gas station that’s been under construction for 10 years. Every time we pass through, the townspeople say it will be open mañana, or “tomorrow.”
Cabo UTV Tour
Baja is full of beauty as well as history. Here, one of the original California missions still stands, and nearby is a 300-year-old olive tree that once fed the missionaries.

We recently tagged along on one of Go Baja’s seven-day Cabo UTV Tour trips to finish out our long-term Honda Talon test. The trip started with a pickup of other tour customers at a hotel in historic old-town San Diego. Customers ride in a shuttle van across the border and are helped with all the paperwork. The first stop is in Ensenada, where guests stay at one of the popular hotels racers use when they are there for big events—the San Nicholas Hotel. That’s the beauty of using Go Baja; there is no guesswork on where to stay or where to eat. You can just concentrate on the ride and taking it all in.

Cabo UTV Tour
Each night we made our way into a town for food and a hot shower. On these all-inclusive trips there’s no roughing it.
Cabo UTV Tour
Several days during the tour our route would take us both to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Some days we would see both. This was near a small homestead on the east side of the peninsula.

Each day on the trail is about a 200-mile ride, with plenty of time to stop for photos and check out some of the local history and views. One of the cool things about Baja is that the scenery changes about every hour as you drive during the day. You can go from busy city streets to empty beaches to high-mountain passes before lunch. The guides at Go Baja know the trail and know the towns, and show you the best of it all. At the end of each day, you end up at a town, stay in four- to five-star hotels, and eat in the best restaurants remote Baja has to offer.

Cabo UTV Tour
Pinning it down the beach for miles is one of the highlights of any Baja trip. Knowing where to do this safely takes an experienced guide and crew.
Cabo UTV Tour
The beauty of Baja is off the beaten path. Any reliable UTV is a good way to explore all of it. Having the right guide that knows where to take you is priceless. Go Baja Riding Tours has been guiding tourists south of the border for decades.

Some mornings we were up before the sun and on the trail, and a few days we could sleep in. It depended on how many miles each day had in store. The four- and five-day northern Baja runs are a bit more laid back, as you don’t pound out as many miles to get to the next town for the night.

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There were folks from all over the U.S. on our Cabo UTV Tour. Also, there was a great mix of skill levels and machines. Everyone saw a part of the world they hadn’t seen before and enjoyed it at their own pace. The crew keeps an eye on you if you want to be out front making dust, or if you are in the back learning how well UTVs work, especially down in Baja. Private tours can be arranged if you want to bring friends or all ride the same machine on the same terrain with people of the same skill level. Because you can tailor the tour to your liking, the options are endless.

Cabo UTV Tour
Dinner was top-notch every night. At several stops, we said to ourselves, this is a Baja eating tour, as well as a sightseeing and driving tour.
Cabo UTV Tour
Safety is paramount on any off-road ride. The remote trails of Baja can be intimidating, but if riding with a little caution, accidents are low and emergencies are avoided. Tour operator Bruce Anderson gives the riders a briefing before the tour begins.

After a week on the trail, we rode right into the streets of bustling Cabo San Lucas and back to civilization. Some customers took a few extra days to relax, while the rest flew back home the next day. But, all were still glowing from memories of their days on the trail—and most were planning their next trip.

Cabo UTV Tour


If you want to start planning your next winter getaway and take a Cabo UTV Tour, visit the website at www.gobajariding.com to see photos of past tours and view the different tour options. Contact Go Baja Riding Tours directly at (951) 687-0808. Tell them UTV Action Magazine sent you.

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