Quadboss built a solid reputation with its accessories and replacement parts for our ATVs, and now Quadboss has our utility and high-performance UTVs covered with all sorts of accessories, like enclosed cabs, heaters and specialty tires. The Quadboss QBT846 utility radial comes in sizes 27x9R14, 27x11R14, 28x10R14, 30x10R14, 30x10R15 and 32x10R15, and it has an off-road-truck-style tread pattern.

We mounted the 30x10R14 Quadboss QBT846s on our Ride Command General, and they originally were only 28 inches in diameter (shown). They grew to a more rounded profile and 29-inch diameter after the first 100 miles.



The large, siped, 3/4-inch lugs and aggressive wraparound sidewall tread are designed for optimal performance on intermediate to hard terrain, and built-in rim guards protect the wheels.


The tires offer radial construction with an eight-ply rating and stepped lugs for a long life of grabbing traction. The QBT846 tires meet or exceed Department of Transportation (DOT) standards for street use. Weight is 31 pounds for the 27x9R14 and 40 pounds for the 32x10R15.


Anyone who rides on intermediate to hard terrain, especially in a state that allows street licensing of UTVs, will appreciate the performance, handling and long life of the QBT846.


We ordered four 30x10R14 QBT846 tires for our XP 1000 or XP Turbo but decided to put them on our General 1000 Ride Command Edition instead because the 30x10R14s measured at 28 inches in diameter when we mounted them on GMZ Casino wheels. We then headed to Moab’s Rally on the Rocks and first tested them on the Seven-Mile Rim trail in the rain. Performance was excellent, with the QBT846s offering great grip on wet and dry sandstone; loose, dry sand and wet sand; and on rocky hardpack. Steering was very predictable on all surfaces, and good side bite delivered predictable drifts at speed.

Then we headed to Tombstone for some super-hard Arizona hardpack with loose sand on top. The QBT846 delivered better handling and more predictable cornering with excellent side bite than the Pro Armor Crawler XG. Performance in rocky terrain was excellent with 12 psi front and rear, and the tires grew to 29 inches with a more rounded profile. After the first 100 miles, the lugs showed zero wear. Back in SoCal, we put more miles on the QBT846s on forest-service and power-line roads, and the QBT846s hooked up on the silt-covered hardpack with excellent steering and braking traction.


As the sole hard-terrain tire in the Quadboss lineup, the QBT846 is an excellent choice for those wanting great all-around performance at a low price. They work very well in intermediate to hard terrain and don’t dart on pavement. The lugs look brand new after 200 miles in Utah, Arizona and California. The 29-inch final diameter for the 30x10R14 QBT846s works very well on our General, and other than the discrepancy in sizing, we’re stoked with the overall performance and value. These tires would still improve traction on RZR XP 1000s and Turbos and be a great choice for replacing the OEM 29-inch Bighorns, but we would go with the 32x10R15s.

contact: www.quadboss.com, [email protected],

(877) 847-1558

RATING: ★★★★

PRICE: $144.95–$189.95; 30x10R14, $176.95

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