DragonFire Racing (DFR) set out to redefine the off-roading experience when it comes to safety harnesses. The DFR Evo harness is the result of countless hours on rough, uneven trails at unthinkable speeds. The Evo harness begins with the standard H-style harness configuration and adds a collar or yoke to unify the harness. This unified design cuts down on fishing for the individual belts when entering the car and chafing while driving or riding, thus increasing comfort.


Not only does the collar unify and evolve harness design, it’s contoured to better fit the body without a bunch of padding, and the collar has more adjustability in the sternum strap. Both features greatly reduce neck chafing while retaining the shoulder position. Also, the shoulder and hip straps are padded for comfort. The unified design requires a seat bezel like on Can-Am Mavericks and Arctic Cat Wildcats; Polaris RZR and Yamaha YXZ1000R owners will need to either buy and install the DFR Pass-Through Bezel (#15-0013, $24.95) or go to aftermarket seats with bezels.

To install the DFR Evo harness on our RZR Turbo, we had to replace the stepped outer seatbelt anchor bolt (bottom) with a grade 10 non-stepped anchor bolt. DFR’s RZR XP Harness Bracket kit (#14-0083, $13.99 per side) includes this bolt.



The straps and collar are ballistic nylon, and the collar has micro-suede trim to further reduce neck chafing. The sternum straps have plastic sliders and snap latches, while hip and shoulder adjusters are powdercoated aluminum and steel. The anchors are steel and aluminum, and they’re made in the USA. Also, the Evo has ballistic nylon pull-tabs with DFR logos for the shoulder and hip-strap adjusters and center buckle.


We installed a set on our Polaris RZR XP Turbo with PRP LX seats, and it took less than an hour. Rather than ordering the RZR mounting kit, we installed the top anchors between the welded-on tabs on the cage cross-bar. On the other end, the OEM seatbelt anchor bolts on the console side worked, but the Evo anchor wouldn’t pass through the stepped anchor bolts on the outside. We used 12mm, grade 10 anchor bolts, and grade 8 bolts come in DFR anchor kits. You also need the Harness Override Clip (#14-2030, $16.99).

Maverick X3 owners will want the X3 Quick-Release Harness Mounting kit (#14-2103, $39.99), which includes four quick-release anchors for 2- to 3-inch belts and four anchor bolts with Nyloc nuts and washers. Yamaha YXZ1000R/SS owners will want the YXZ Harness Anchor kit (#14-5101, $139.99), which includes two powdercoated anchors that clamp onto the cage and lower the top belt mounts, four tabs and hardware.


We’re stoked with the performance, fit and feel of the DFR Evo harness. It’s easier to put on the Evo than H-style straps, and the strap adjusters are built to cinch down and release with little effort. We also like the longer sternum straps, which allow running the cross strap lower on the chest for better comfort. The micro-suede collar trim and shape of the collar eliminate chafing. Comfort is increased to the point that rough rides no longer result in sore shoulders and chafed necks.


DragonFire Racing has, indeed, evolved the safety harness with the design and execution of the Evo harness. Unifying the collar is not only more comfortable, but it makes it easier to strap in and go, which is a big plus in UTV races or situations where the passenger has to spot, stack rocks or winch over obstacles. The Evo quickly adjusts when changing drivers and co-pilots in a long race. It’s also machine washable. 


www.dragonfireracing.com, (800) 708-9803

RATING: ★★★★★

PRICE: $129.99 each

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