— A stock UTV can handle all kinds of off-road terrain, but sometimes you may need to modify it somewhat to improve its performance where you ride. Down in Louisiana they have a lot of mud. There’s a shop in that state that specializes in modifying UTVs for the local terrain. Custom ATVs Of Shreveport (CATVOS) always has a cool collection of machines set up for conquering the soggy bottoms. We might as well take a look at a few:


This Polaris General has been set up to be the top-ranked leader for conquering the muddy marshlands.


.When defending your territory it helps to have your Can-Am Defender set up to handle surprise mud attacks and deep water obstacles.

.Down in the bayou you often hear the growl of swamp monsters like this highly modified Polaris RZR. It is a beautiful beast.

.This Kawasaki Teryx doesn’t miss out on the fun. It too enjoys playing in the mud along with all the other swamp machines.

The 900 is another good RZR to set up for roosting across the mud. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t look good too while doing that.


.If you need to get three people across the swamp, then this Yamaha Viking would be a good choice. It has no fear.

.The Can-Am X3 looks totally bad box stock, but it starts looking really mean when you turn it into a mud machine.

.Mud, sweat and gears: If you like to shift gears while going through the mud, this Yamaha YXZ1000R mud monster is the machine for you.

.This RZR has a winch on the front, but we wonder if there’s ever been a time when they had to use it.

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