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It seems like 20-years ago the hi-end epoxy garage floor craze hit the power sports scene and everyone had to have one!  The durability when applied correctly built a bullet-proof floor and the look was just over the top. These floors were always built with that “Mysterious un-obtanium product” and the floors were installed by a highly trained professionals. It wasn’t uncommon for a 3-car garage to fetch north of $10,000 for an install. On top of that, the installers didn’t seem to open to sharing their install secrets. We would always hear “it’s messy, best to stay away why we install!”

As epoxy floors grew in popularity, like everything else you could simply drive 5-minutes to your local do-it-yourself home improvement store and purchase “Do it yourself Garage floor Epoxy” the default instructions would say remove all the grease with soap and water, allow to dry thoroughly and roll two light coats, wait 24 hours and “Voila” you have an epoxy floor! only to find out that it would look great for a week, until you parked your car in the garage. Everyone learned that warm tires cut through your typical cheap hardware store floor epoxy like a hot knife through warm butter.


Spartan Epoxies to the rescue – As so many of our garages have transitioned from “Workshops to Man-caves to Museums” people seem to understand that it’s not a few hundred dollars for a proper floor but it’s not $10,000 either –We turned to Spartan epoxies to put in a professional epoxy floor at Spartans realistic prices around $3 a square foot. Spartan has cut out the distributor and the retailer, delivering you directly the hi-end floor at two pricing tiers below the mysterious hi-end retail. Spartan Epoxies has developed and blends their own products in their facility in the USA and have added curing times to the hardeners that allow the first time home-owner installer to now create a professional epoxy floor within a reasonably simple application procedure.


Along with their fantastic website and customer service (yes to guide you through) they have products that range of levels from serious-entry, to mid-level to the highest-end product. Choose your traffic need carefully and as we have learned, just how clumsy we can be. We have had a floor in for 6-months now and have left just two marks but that was from a fallen motorcycle that did not have a handlebar grip and a dropped bench vise!

This would not be a proper review if we didn’t say we had some level of anxiety pre-install, but after watching their video, speaking with their fantastic customer service department we were ready to go. We had one friend to help roll the install and another person mixing product, the three of us installed a beautiful 1000 foot floor in under four hours. We came back the next day for one light coat, a quick broadcast of accent paint chips then rolled the top gloss, in a few hours we were done. We could start our own business, it’s that easy!

Contact: Spartan Epoxies Ltd. Toll Free: 1-877-288-1952. www.spartanepoxies.com








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