A Guide To UTV Racing

This is a simple beginner’s guide to successful UTV racing. If you have dreams of competing in a UTV racing competition and winning glory, but you don’t know how to register for one, we are here to help you with that.

Contrary to popular opinion, all UTV racing, both professional and recreational, is strictly regulated. And all UTV sports racing are conducted under strict rules, owning a UTV alone does not qualify you for a professional race, no there are requirements to be met and dues to be paid.

Below are what you need to do to be allowed to participate in UTV racing:

1 Joining a UTV Racing Organization.

If you ever want to race in a professional capacity and in a professional competition, then you have to join one of the many UTV Racing Organizations. Here are a few to choose from: Best In The Desert, Score Off-Road, King of the Hammers, and WORCS UTV.  These UTV race clubs are like football’s FIFA and the AMA, that is American Motorcyclists Association. If you want to play professional games in both sports then you have to be recognized and the games have to be sanctioned by the regulatory body. Each of these race clubs listed is for all professional UTV sports and competitions, it is these games that popular sports betting portal monitors to provide games for their customers.


2 Enter a Race.

The next step after joining one of the UTV Race Organizations is to find a race to join. Finding a race is easy, deciding which one to enter is the problem, while you might be tempted to immediately jump into professional competitive races, try not to do that. Keep your excitement on lock and try some recreational races first. Recreational races will prepare you for the intensity and elite competitiveness of professional races.

3 Know the Rules.

Of course, this goes without saying. All sports and competitions have rules, to be a professional in those sports you have to play by the rules. Before actually competing in professional races you have to know all the rules and what the various flags mean. Once you find a race to enter, we advise that you find the race rulebook and get comfortable with it. In addition, not knowing the rules of the race can get you disqualified.


4 Know the Safety Regulations.

This too is common sense and also part of the competition’s rules and regulations. You won’t be allowed to compete in professional races if you don’t have the full racing gear — helmets, eye goggles, pants, long sleeved shirts and so on. It is important to note that non adherence to rules can lead to disqualification from races which is a bad way to start your professional sojourn into UTV racing.

5 Don’t Push Yourself.

Don’t push yourself when you’re not ready, this an admonishment to stay in your weight or track class until you are ready to take on pro-veteran riders. UTV races are regulated for fairness and equality, when you enter your first race, there is a high likelihood that you’ll be placed among fellow amateur riders. The most important thing is to use these amateur or recreational races to build your skills and experience.

6 Sign a Release Form.

Everyone knows how dangerous UTV racing is. In fact, you probably decided to sign up for the competition because of the danger and thrill. Well, before actually entering a competition, most race clubs require you to sign forms waiving all liabilities in case of accidents.

7 Sponsorship.

This is very important if you plan to go professional. You should understand that not everyone gets sponsors on their first race, you first have to prove that you have the talent, skills and determination to win. Indeed, you have to prove to the sponsors that you are a winner or a potential winner.

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