— Checking out Eddie Cibrian’s Can-Am adventure build —

We’re always on the lookout for cool UTV builds, so we went on a ride this past spring with the Mojave Adventures crew and actor Eddie Cibrian (“Sunset Beach,” “Third Watch,” “The Cave” and much more). Eddie’s adventure Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X rs Turbo R is one of the coolest four-seat builds we’ve seen in a while. Bert’s UTV transformed Eddie’s vehicle for long-range exploration, and here is what they did.

When Eddie Cibrian isn’t on a movie set, he spends quality time in the desert with his wife, friends and Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X rs Turbo R. Bert’s Mega Mall built this four-seat adventure machine.


Desertworks’ Maverick X3 Max cage really cleans up the lines of the four-seat Turbo, and the rear extends to form a bed completer, the rear bumper and radius-rod support plate. It also houses a rear LED light bar, and Bert’s added the adventure roof rack and glass windshield. Eddie carries a tool box, Kolpin gas cans, spare tire, camp chairs and an awning on the roof, so he can have shade at lunch stops in the desert. The awning attaches to either side.

The tan canvas bag holds an awning that can be attached to either side of the adventure X3 with the three large plastic clasps. The roof rack also holds the spare, extra fuel, tools, jack and camp chairs.

Also on top, Cibrian has a KC Hilites’ Universal light bar with seven Pro-6 LEDs. Each Pro-6 has 20-watt Gravity LED inserts and Gravity Reflective Diode technology for unmatched clarity, output, and usable beam pattern with a low-amp draw. The 57-inch Pro-6 system produces 23,009 lumens and 7,500 lux for a beam distance of 1,732 meters—more than a mile (5,682.5 feet)! This system costs $1,721.99 without mounts. The front bumper also houses a 12-inch LED light bar.

This ride on Memorial Day weekend was cold, and Eddie sealed the windshield with duct tape for warmth. The Adventure Max has 32x10R15 STI X-Comp ATRs on Method 401 beadlock wheels for added ride quality, traction and ground clearance over the OEM 29-inch Bighorns.


Can-Am’s accessory lower doors further enclose the X3 Max cabin for $349.99 per pair or $699.98 for two pairs. The stock X3 seats and shoulder belts were replaced by Threshold seats ($499.99 each) and PRP 4.3 harnesses ($129 each, or $576). Rugged Radios’ M3 two-person pumper with variable speed controller and two hoses supplies the fresh air, and Maglock Air connectors ($249.99) connect the system to Rugged’s Impact 1320 Side Air race helmets with Wired Helmet Kit ($504 each). Cibrian hangs the helmets out of the way with Assault’s helmet hangers ($24.99), and the M3 variable-speed control is on the center console.

The Desertworks X3 Max cage encloses the bed better, becomes a rear bumper, and stiffens the radius-rod mount area. The soft cargo bag and adventure roof rack hold all expedition essentials.

Eddie also uses Rugged’s Ultimate Rider four-person Intercom/radio system with helmet kit ($1,536). This system uses the RRP660 intercom with a 60-watt radio for car-to-car and in-car communications. The RRP660 has VOX and precision-tune mic gain controls, an iPhone connect port, Music In with auto-muting and a high-output amplifier for outstanding audio quality. The RM-60 radio has channel scan and edit, a busy-channel lockout, vehicle voltage indicator, and a hand mic as well as push-to-talk buttons. Cibrian has his PPT controls on the steering wheel and passenger-hold handles.

While the X3 Max has a long 102-inch wheelbase, Cibrian drives hard into corners and sets up drifts to steer with the rear end and turn sharper. The Fox Podium 2.5 front and 3.0 rear RC2 shocks, boxed suspension arms and front/rear sway bars are left stock, and the shocks deliver a comfortable ride.

Bombshell Gear’s Maverick X3 loaded kit door bags include four storage pouches for $185. A large soft bag in the X3 bed holds extra jackets, blankets and other trip essentials. Eddie also carries a small duffel bag on one of the rear seats, strapped in by the PRP harness. Bert’s installed the switches for the extra lighting in the provided X3 blanks in the dash, and Rugged’s X3 radio mount encloses the forward section of the X3 console.

Can-Am accessory door lowers seal the cabin from dust and the elements, and accessory rock slider nerf bars protect the desert camo wrap and bodywork. A similar Max build could be done solely with Can-Am accessory lights by Baja Designs; a windshield; an LSR roof rack, sliders and intrusion bars; Beard seats; Rugged Radios; and other partners.


A desert-camo wrap gives the X3 Max adventure build a unique, cool look, and Can-Am accessory rock slider nerf bars ($369.99) protect the door lowers and bodywork. STI X-Comp 32x10R15 10-ply radial tires supply plenty of traction and flat protection, and 0.625-inch-tall lugs provide plenty of life. These $269.99 tires also have a lot of sidewall tread for side bite. They’re mounted on Method 401 beadlock wheels ($243.82 each) and have a 1,475-pound load rating.

Rugged Radios got the nod for in-car intercom, car-to-car communications, a variable-speed clean-air pump, hoses, and Impact racing helmets. Cibrian also swears by Maglock air couplers (tested last month).

Eddie rips in his adventure X3 Max, and it’s probably much faster now. We let him drive our X3 with the Evolution Powersports 195-horsepower upgrade, and he loved it. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if he has upgraded hs X3 X rs with an even more powerful Stage 3 kit. But, the coolest part about Cibrian’s X3 Max is that his wife LeAnn Rimes is sitting shotgun on adventure rides.


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