Dear Sarge,

I have a Polaris RZR and we ride Baja a lot! The continuing problem we have is the air filter plugging up. I have tried various filter elements but they all plug up with the fine silt powder so prevalent down there. Pre-filters have not helped either. I even tried the Donaldson filter. Cleaning in the field each day is a mess that I have just stopped doing and now just carry a spare filter element for each day we are out. I have heard about that military dust separator that keeps the majority of dirt away from the filter element. Are there other air filter fixes I should know about?

Dean Kamble

San Diego, California

Private Soup Can, the SB particle separator is a good direction to take but not the only one. R2C Performance Products (847-922-8031) has an air filter that is field cleanable and uses military filter media. The claim is better filtration, less restriction, and field cleaning can be accomplished by blowing the filter element outward with compressed air or vacuuming the outside to remove accumulated dust. See here: Report to the Motor Pool Pvt. Soup Can because the Motor Pool Sergeant needs every Humvee‘s air filter replaced before field maneuvers. See UTV Action’s big air filter buyer’s guide here: AIR FILTER BUYER’S GUIDE – UTV Action Magazine


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