-Can-Am’s new X3 Max X ds four-seat high performance UTV is the mid priced machine in the new X3 Max family of four seaters. The base X3 Max is $24,999. The X3 Max X ds is $27,399 and the X3 Max Xrs is $29,099. For comparison, the Polaris XP 4 Turbo is $27,499.

-The new four seat X3 Max models are powered by the same engine used in the two seat X3s, a turbocharged, 900cc, three cylinder, double overhead cam, 12 valve engine with 154 horsepower.

-TheX3 Max ds weighs 1735 pounds dry, 245 pounds more than the two seat version.

-The X3 Max X ds is 64 inches wide and has 20 inches of travel front and rear. The top of the line X3 Max X rs is 72 inches wide with 22 inches of front suspension travel and 22 inches of travel in the rear.

-The X3 Max Xds, isn’t just a two seater with extra seats. The wheelbase was stretched from 102 to 135 inches to create a roomy, adult size rear seating area.

-The front and rear seats are fore, aft and height adjust adjustable. Rear passengers get console and doormounted hand holds.

-Testing revealed the X3 Max ds’ handling in whoops is among the best stock machines UTV Action has driven so far!

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