America’s Top Rally Team Wins On Two Continents

Dakar Dream Hinges On Garnering More Support

October 3, 2014, San Rafael, CA

Rally Pan Am scored two wins on two continents with it’s new team riders.
The victories showcase the team’s talent and highlight need for additional
sponsor support.

The team’s lead rider, Ian Blythe of Sedalia, CO, won the Dakar Challenge
prize at the Australasian Safari, finishing 3rd overall behind American
Dakar veteran Quinn Cody. This was Ian’s first rally and the prize is free
entry into the Dakar Rally.

The team’s support rider, Scott Bright, also of Colorado, took the overall
prize in the Baja Rally in Mexico. Scott bested the efforts of multi-time
Baja champions Andy Grider and Steve Hengeveld.

Rally Pan Am is rebooting after the retirement of Jonah Street in 2012.
Prior to this week, the new riders were unknown in the rally world, but have
now proven that they have the right stuff.

Ian’s prize takes some financial pressure off the team, which is still short
of raising the funding needed to make it to the start in Buenos Aires. Team
Manager, Dave Peckham, says, “it’s been a difficult challenge to attract
sponsors to a rebooted team with unproven riders. But now we’ve made it
clear that Rally Pan Am is back, and we have the talent that America needs
to challenge the top international teams.”

Interested sponsors are asked to contact Mr. Peckham directly. Both business
and grassroots supporters are invited to join the team’s Riff Raff fan club

About Rally Pan Am
Rally Management Services fields America’s premier motorcycle rally
team–Rally PanAm. Since 2006, their long-term goal remains the same–to win
the Dakar Rally. Rally Pan Am has signed two new riders, Ian Blythe and
Scott Bright. They have a multi-year program to put an American rider back
in the spotlight.

About The Dakar Rally
The Dakar Rally is the most grueling race in motorsport. The 2015 edition
crosses Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile over 14 days and 5000 kilometers. The
race takes place in January.

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