Honda FourTrax Rebuild: Part Two–June ’98

As you recall, part one of this story involved a . . . what’s that? You don’t remember Part I of this story? Well, that’s understandable. Part I ran about seven years ago. That’s how long it has been since I completely rebuilt my trusty ’88 Honda FourTrax 250R.In the ten years that have passed […]

Easy Decibel Check-August’00

Eventually, your loud ATV engine will cause you problems?and not only in the form of permanent hearing damage. Many off-road riding areas are starting to crack down on excessive noise. If you ride a stock ATV, you’re almost certain to fall within the acceptable limits. But if you’ve done any intake or exhaust mods?including something […]

Waterproofing Your ATV-April’00

Water can be your enemy, boot. If you don’t drink it, wash in it or flush it, consider it a hostile force. Got that? Water is a carrier. Water permits the easy access of foreign agents like dirt, mud and sand into your zooter. If you don’t reinforce your outer perimeter, you will have a […]

Top 40 ATV Tips-Sept’99

There are three approaches to 4×4 maintenance. We won’t even discuss the “Ride ’til It Breaks” approach. A much better approach is to follow your ATV manual’s recommendations. Unfortunately, however, the manuals are often difficult to understand, and they can contain information that’s not all that valuable or applicable.An even better approach is to rely […]

The Smartest Money To Spend On Your ATV-Feb’00

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want to upgrade on your ATV. Other times, you might have a few extra bucks to spend and wonder, “What’s the best way to spend that hard-earned cash on my zooter?” If you’re asking that question right now, then you’re reading the right story.First we’ll look at the smartest […]

ATVing On A Budget–April ’00

A stroll through Gecko campground at the Glamis Dunes in California might have you convinced that ATVing is way too expensive. The rigs and machines that get your attention are pricey, no doubt. A heavily modified and custom-painted quad for hillshooting could easily set you back $20,000. A Prevost motorhome?with color coordinated trailer, of course?could […]

Carb Maintenance-April’99

If you made the mistake of letting your quad sit all winter without draining the fuel from the carb, you may now be paying the price. That price could be a rough idle, a flat spot in the midrange, fuel running out of the carb’s overflow vent or a machine that just wheezes and comes […]